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Modeling, Texturing & Rendering a Gingerbread Man in Cinema 4D

Modeling, Texturing & Rendering a Gingerbread Man in Cinema 4D

Part 1

You can download the Gingerbread man reference image from

In [this] Cinema 4D tutorial, Aleksey Voznesenski will show you how to model a Gingerbread man using poly modeling techniques, discuss the importance of using reference images, and show you how to maintain a proper edge flow and good topology when modeling.


Part 2 – Video 1

In the second half of the Gingerbread Man tutorial, Aleksey will cover creating a set of procedural materials inside Cinema 4D, and give you some great tips for fine tuning the overall look of your shaders. Finally you’ll setup some basic scene lighting and render the g-man out.


Part 2 – Video 2


About Aleksey Voznesenski
Aleksey Voznesenski is a 3D specialist experienced in many areas of the 3D world. Mainly focused on animation, he has experience in motion graphics, modeling, rigging, render setup, lighting, camera work and art direction. Working as a contractor for many companies, Aleksey provides his expertise to get projects done on time and to spec. His main package of choice is Cinema4D, but Aleksey has experience in all of the industry standard packages like 3ds Max, Maya and XSI.


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