Motion Boutique Autostereogram Quick Start Tutorial #gettingstarted

autostereogram tutorial

This quick start video guides you through the making of an autostereogram using Motion Boutique’s Autostereogram plug-in for After Effects.

Autostereogram Quick Start Tutorial

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0:00 what is an autostereogram?
1:24 composition settings
1:35 dropping in the plugin
1:56 what is a depth map?
2:46 stereogram types
3:57 repetition period
4:51 oversampling
5:14 post-processing
6:15 texture mode
6:55 applying your texture
7:32 a quick word on the actual scaling of your texture layer
8:38 designing your texture
9:50 recap

Motion Boutique AutostereogramMotion Boutique Autostereogram

Motion Boutique Autostereogram lets you create an animated autostereogram inside Adobe After Effects

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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