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Motioneer for After Effects Tutorial #gettingstarted

motioneer tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Motioneer for After Effects to easily copy or save animations, then attach or apply them to selected layers retaining comp/layer ratios.


motioneerMarco Sanasi Motioneer

The Smart Motion Engine

Motioneer is a motion library and engine. Copy or save animations, then attach or apply them to layers retaining comp/layer ratios.

  • Motioneer copy / save tools: store selected keyframes and masks, or selected layers transformation properties and masks.
  • Add tool: attach copied / saved animations to selected layers.
  • Replace tool: replace selected layers animations with copied / stored animations, automagically retaining original animations comp / layers ratio, positioning and fitting.
  • Motioneer engine supports expressions, parents, and track mattes.
  • Motioneer animators managing tools are on the right side.
  • Motioneer animators are present in animators list for test purposes.


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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