Mystery & Suspense Music and Sound Library Audio Mixing #gettingstarted

Mystery & Suspense Music and Sound Library Audio Mixing #gettingstarted

Luca from Luca Visual FX shows you how to mix or simply use individually music/sound elements from the huge “Mystery & Suspense” music and sound library just released.

Music and Suspense LibraryLuca Visual FX Mystery & Suspense Music & Sound Library

An extensive music library covering more than 500 music themes, atmospheres, and SFX
This library is developed for video editors and video makers. This pack is designed to add unique and striking music and sounds to thrillers, dramas, and horror productions as well as documentaries, news, viral videos, and much more. If you are looking for unconventional, innovative music and sound effects, look no further! The Mystery & Sound pack is so versatile you can even combine elements to create your own scores. All it takes is a bit of creativity!

Note: is no longer available at Toolfarm, but can be found here: https://www.lucavisualfx.com/product/mystery-suspense/

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki