Octane Texture Pack 3 Tutorial

octane texture pack 3

In this tutorial, Joren from The Pixel Lab shows you how to use the new Octane Texture Pack 3 Procedural Edition from Renderking.



octane texture pack 3Octane Texture Pack 3: Procedural Edition

More than 100 Procedural Shaders

Octane Texture Pack 3 has 100 incredibly detailed and 100% procedural textures. We gave ourselves the challenge of making every texture procedural so there are zero bitmaps or image textures! This means you can scale everything without limit and everything is customizeable. The textures are all set up to be seamless and tileable and most are prepared utilizing Triplanar Mapping so everything is simple for you to use. Every texture has smudges, dirt, flecks and subtle variations to make them incredibly realistic.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha