Optimizing Scenes in Cinema 4D

Optimizing Scenes in Cinema 4D

“Two of the biggest problems when working with 3D animation, are slow editor playback and long render times. In this tutorial, Tim looks at various methods of increasing both playback whilst working and speed when rendering.

For fast editor playback it is important to reduce both the number of objects in your scene and the number of polygons on your objects. If possible hide objects which are out of view and use render instances to reduce memory consumption. Many of the default settings for objects, especially primitives, are too high and add many more polygons than necessary to your projects. If you are not deforming an object then you don’t need all those segments.” – Tim – Helloluxx

For even more info, read Tim's post here.

Optimising Scenes in Cinema 4D from Luxx on Vimeo.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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