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Pomfort Silverstack Lab: Dailies Creation Overview and Tips

Pomfort Silverstack Lab: Dailies Creation Overview and Tips

3 Things to Keep in Mind when Getting Started With Dailies Creation

When you are in the position of handling camera source material on set, you might at some point be asked to go one step further, and also create dailies on set or near set. This extends your responsibilities and raises additional questions that need to be addressed.

To help you get started with proxy creation on set we compiled a little guide that outlines a selection of 3 of the extended duties that come along with the new responsibilities. While they are only good examples of what is waiting for you, they should help you get in the right mindset to prepare your first job that involves transcoding.

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Silverstack Lab Dailies Creation Overview

Get an overview of the dailies creation process in Silverstack Lab.


What is Silverstack Lab?

Silverstack Lab is the first software that enables a simultaneous handling of data management and dailies creation in one tool. By integrating the renowned data management capabilities of Silverstack with an elaborate set of functionalities needed for a lean and highly efficient dailies creation process, two previously separate production steps are merged into one integrated activity. Footage can be backed up securely and organized transparently, while at the same time dailies can be created.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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