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QubaHQ Stop Motion Kit with Tutorial

QubaHQ Stop Motion Kit with Tutorial

QubaHQ Stop Motion Kit is a free download and is marketed as “The Fastest Way to Accomplish Stop Motion in After Effects!” Download it and find out for yourself! Here are a couple of tutorials too.

QubaHQ Stop Motion Kit Tutorial

Download Stop Motion Kit

The QubaHQ Stop Motion Kit contains presets and sample project. Download it and learn more at QubaHQ.

Need something more? Check out Dragonframe!

DragonframeThe Premier Image Capture Software for Stop Motion Animation, Motion Design & Visual Effects

Dragonframe is the premier frame-grabbing software for stop motion animation and time-lapse photography. In addition, it has innovated in the world of stop motion software by pushing the functionality beyond frame grabbing to provide a full assortment of production tools.

Dragonframe works with still cameras. Watch the video below. It’s very informative!

Learn more about Dragonframe

Dragonframe Basics

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