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8 Reverb Mixing Tips from Waves Audio

8 Reverb Mixing Tips from Waves Audio

Learn when to choose different reverb types, whether to make your reverb dry or wet, how to set pre-delay and reverb time – and why reverb size matters!

Here’s an excerpt from the Waves Reverb Tutorial:

Reverb is an essential part of every mix, from in-your-face punk tracks to the lush spatial effects of EDM. Whatever style of music you’re mixing, reverb is a necessary component – whether you perceive it or not. This article will help you to understand the essential aspects of reverb and how to achieve great results no matter what style of music you are mixing.

1. ‘Felt’ (Dry) or ‘Heard’ (Wet) Reverb?

Deep within any professional mix you will easily find a dozen reverbs that are specifically tailored to individual instruments or groupings of instruments. Generally, the types of reverbs fall into two primary categories: reverbs that are felt, also referred to as ‘dry’ reverbs, and reverbs that are heard, also sometimes called ‘wet’ reverbs.

…In the end, it is the blend of these two approaches that is essential to effectively using reverb in a mix.

Listen to examples and read the full article here.


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