RocketLasso Mesh to Spline Quickstart Tutorial #gettingstarted

mesh to spline tutorial

Learn how to use RocketLasso Mesh To Spline by stepping through a series of use-cases with this tutorial.

Mesh to Spline Quickstart Tutorial


Rocket Lasso Mesh To SplineRocket Lasso Mesh To Spline

Convert your meshes to splines

Unlock edges, polygons, and outlines from your meshes as parametric splines using the new Mesh To Spline tool from Rocket Lasso. Create the splines exactly where you want them through Fields, Selection Tags, angle thresholds, and facing angles from any mesh. Extract splines from even animated meshes where more power is unleashed with splines that stick directly to the surface of your characters. Favorite 3rd party renderer doesn’t have anything like Sketch & Toon? Create complex stylized looks by outlining models, finding hard edges, showing only the front or backside, or simply drawing every single polygon. Speed up your final renders by utilizing the speed of C4D’s native Hair Render or Sketch & Toon on splines. Or use the blazing speed of rendering a spline through your favorite 3rd party renderer.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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