RocketLasso Ricochet Quickstart Tutorial #gettingstarted

ricochet tutorial

Watch this tutorial for an overview to see the workflow and some use-cases for the new Ricochet plugin from Rocket Lasso.

Ricochet Quickstart Tutorial



Rocket Lasso RicochetRocket Lasso Ricochet

Tired of your splines NOT bouncing off of objects?

Ricochet is a spline that bounces off surfaces like a laser, from completely filling the volume of your model with hundreds of thousands of bounces, to wrapping around and around your objects, or simply detecting collisions from any distance. Ricochet precalculates its entire path, so there is no need to guess where it will end up or wait for the timeline to play every frame. It’s like a particle system without the particles.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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