RocketLasso Slicer Quickstart Tutorial #gettingstarted

rocketlasso slicer tutorial

Learn how to use RocketLasso Slicer for Cinema 4D (and why “no mesh is safe”) with this Quick Start Tutorial & Use-Cases video.

Slicer Quickstart Tutorial



Rocket Lasso SlicerRocket Lasso Slicer


Chop up all your meshes with Rocket Lasso’s RKT Slicer! Quickly create a series of parallel cuts into your models that can be returned as splines, flat sheets, extruded layers, or even complex alternating layers. Open up new parametric modeling techniques, create unique FUI elements, and combine Slicer with Cloners & Mograph tools to open up endless possibilities to keep pushing the limits of what you can do in Cinema 4D!

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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