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Roto and Cleanup using Mocha Pro in NUKE – Webinar Replay

Roto and Cleanup using Mocha Pro in NUKE – Webinar Replay

Roto & Cleanup using Mocha Pro with your NUKE workflow is the topic of this webinar replay.

This replay of a live Mocha Pro webinar on Roto and Cleanup using Mocha Pro features professional VFX artist and roto/paint supervisor, Clark Harding.

Along with Boris FX product specialist Mary Poplin, Clark takes an in-depth look at the Mocha for NUKE. He explains the workflow that he used on Hollywood films such as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Dr. Strange.

Learn how to apply the Mocha Pro plug-in inside of NUKE. With it, rotoscope twice as fast as tedious hand techniques. In essence, Mocha does your hard work for you. Use roto paint for flawless beauty work.

Topics covered:

  • Tracking and Roto in Mocha Pro
  • How to Apply Shapes and Tracking Data into your NUKE Composition
  • Basic and Advanced Roto Techniques
  • Applying Rotopaint using the Mocha Pro Plug-in

While this webinar focused on NUKE workflows, many of the techniques covered are useful for all Mocha, Continuum and Sapphire users, regardless of host application.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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