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Setting Up A Render Farm in Cinema 4D with Team Render

C4D Spotlight Team Render

Who wants to render faster? Everyone!! We’ve covered this topic a bit before but with Team Render for Cinema 4D, you can set up a render farm quickly and easily.

Updated 16 December 2022 with notes about Cineversity. Note: This is an older article and is left here for reference for people running older Cinema 4D licenses.

So, what is Team Render?

It allows distribution of frames for animation and buckets for still images to multiple computers on the network.


Team Render replaced Net Render in R15 and it’s fully integrated into Cinema 4D and very easy to set up.

The Easy Way to Install Team Render on your Render Machines

This is the simplest and most forward way to install Team Render and this is a great way to do it if you have a small number of machines.

  1. Update and clear off the machines that you want to use for rendering machines.
  2. On your main computer, turn on Team Render in the preferences.
  3. On your Render Machines, install the same version of Cinema 4D, enter your Cinema 4D serial number from your main machine, and then choose the Team Render Client. (You do not need a new serial number to run Team Render.)
  4. Finish installing and launching the Team Render Client.

We skipped a lot of important information above, so for all of the details on how to install and use team render, watch Rick Barrett’s video on Cineversity. Although the video was created for R15, there are addendums at the end for newer versions.

Watch Cinema 4D Team Render | Cineversity      Maxon’s Help Docs on Team Render

Be also sure to check Team Rendering Troubleshooting if you run into any problems.

CINEMA 4D – Render: Team Render (Setup)

This is a quick visual guide from Maxon, walking you through the steps of setting up Team Render.

After watching the video above, check out Cinema 4D Team Render Series from Cineversity. Rick Barrett of Maxon explains, “In this tutorial series, you’ll learn how to install, configure, use and troubleshoot Team Render. Within this introductory tutorial, you’ll learn about Team Render licensing as well as various implementations that allow you to manage Team Render from within Cinema 4D or via a browser-based user interface connected to a central server. You’ll learn the advantages and disadvantages of each Team Render technique, and recommended strategies for various types of users.”

Team Render Helpers

Note: Cineversity was relaunched in December 2022 and this seems to have been taken down by Maxon. We’ll leave it here in case it is found.

Team Render Notifier

From Maxon Labs, this is a plug-in that lets you know when a Team Render job is done, via mobile phone, email, or social media such as Twitter, etc.

Team Render HTTPS

From Maxon Labs, this Python Plugin enables HTTPS Support for the Team Render Web server.

Are your Plug-ins not showing in R23 Team Render?

If your plug-ins work in Cinema 4D R23 and also in previous Team Render installations, but don’t show up in the R23 Team Render client, there’s a simple fix.

Check the old path default path, which is the plugin’s sub-folder inside your Cinema 4D application folder.

To fix the issue, open the menu File inside your Team Render client. Then, go to Preferences > Plugins > Search Path and enter your plugin folder manually.

Team Render in Third-Party Renderers

Below, check out a list of instructions to help you set up Team Render with third-party Renderers.

Corona: Learn about Distributed Rendering and how it works with Corona Renderer.

V-Ray: How to use Team Render (Distributed Rendering in C4D)?

Use Redshift To Render A Single Image Across Multiple Machines Using Cinema 4D

Jonathan Winbush takes you through the Redshift 3.0.14 update, including the addition of Team Render for single-image distributed rendering in Cinema 4D.

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