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Stu Maschwitz – Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind

Stu Maschewitz - Maxon NAB 2020

There were so many great Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind presentations. We needed to give you a bit of time to absorb them. Stu Maschwitz’s Presentation, How to Rip Off the Matrix When You’re Home Alone, is a lot of fun! Stu ghas a nerf gun battle with Aharon Rabinowitz through a monitor and shows you how he did it. He uses the brand new Red Giant VFX Lens Distortion plugin that came out this week. He also uses Red Giant VFX Supercomp and Red Giant VFX King Pin Tracker, both of which are available in the Red Giant VFX Suite.

Here’s Stu’s bio.

Stu Maschwitz is a director, photographer, writer, visual effects artist, and designer of filmmaking software. A graduate of CalArts, Maschwitz spent four years at Industrial Light & Magic, before co-founding the legendary visual effects firm The Orphanage in 1999. A champion of accessible filmmaking, Maschwitz wrote The DV Rebel’s Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap, co-created the Fountain screenplay format and the screenwriting app Slugline and maintains a filmmaking and photography blog at Maschwitz currently serves as the Chief Creative Officer of Red Giant, where he creates powerful, intuitive tools for filmmakers and motion designers.

Stu Maschwitz – Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind

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