Substance Painter: Texturing for Beginners

Substance Painter: Texturing for Beginners


Substance Painter Texturing for Beginners is a comprehensive resource that was designed for beginners or anyone who would like to brush up on a specific texturing skill and allows artists to learn at their own pace, on the simplest of assets: a scifi crate! The course is split into these 3 chapters; artists can watch each chapter or simply choose certain topics:

  • Fundamentals: covers every key step of the texturing process within Substance Painter as well as important concepts. This is a great place to start for new users.
  • Model Preparation: explains the steps that happen before the texturing process such as UV mapping, setting up materials and preparing meshes for baking.
  • Scifi Crate Project: this is a “crash-course” on a small project, for those who want to dive in directly in a project-based approach.

You can find these videos on Allegorithmic’s Youtube channel in the “Substance Painter Texturing for Beginners” playlist.

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Posted by Kim Sternisha