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Swift Slides: The Fastest way to create a SLIDESHOW in Premiere Pro

swift slides tutorial

Learn how to use Salt Media Swift Slides to make simple slideshows quickly in Premiere Pro.  You will also get tips and tricks for creating slideshows manually.



Author Notes

00:00 Swift Slides Extension

02:27 Manually calculating slide duration

05:07 Manual scale

06:17 Manual zoom animations

08:59 Manual transitions

10:09 Automate to sequence with markers


Swift Slides

Swift Slides

Easy Timing for Slideshows

Swift Slides lets you create simple fast slideshows that automatically fit the duration of your selected audio in Premiere Pro!

Swift Slides is a Premiere Pro extension built to create simple fast slideshows (with transitions) that automatically fit to your selected music or audio.

Download the trial version for a free fully functional trial!

Learn MoreTry Swift Slides for free!



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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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