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SynthEyes Q&A with Matt Merkovich & Russ Andersson

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Watch the archives from Boris FX Live SynthEyes Q&A with Matt Merkovich & Russ Andersson, streamed May 8, 2024. These experts answer user-submitted questions about SynthEyes, a powerful 3D Camera solver. “Matt has been using SynthEyes since day 1 and is known for his amazing VFX work and deep product knowledge and Russ, well Russ wrote the program and is the creator of SynthEyes!”

Boris FX Live SynthEyes Q&A with Matt Merkovich & Russ Andersson

Boris FX SynthEyes

Boris FX SynthEyes

Unlock the Power of 3D Camera Solving with Boris FX SynthEyes

Are you in need of a reliable solution for 3D camera solving? Look no further than Boris FX SynthEyes™ – the ultimate standalone application built for camera, object, geometry, and planar tracking. With its exceptional performance, comprehensive feature list, seamless integration with various applications, and an irresistible price point, SynthEyes is the VFX artist's secret weapon.

Whether you're looking to insert critters into your footage, stabilize shaky shots, create virtual sets, remove objects, produce captivating stereoscopic visuals, delve into the world of 360°VR, pre-visualize architectural marvels, reconstruct accidents, strategically place products, or capture the intricate details of faces and bodies – SynthEyes has got you covered.

Learn MoreTry Boris FX SynthEyes for free!

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