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Texture Map Extraction in PFTrack 2017

Texture Map Extraction in PFTrack 2017

Texture Map Extraction Available in PFTrack 2017

Photogrammetry users rejoice! PFTrack’s Photo Mesh node has recently received a powerful new update that allows texture map extraction from a meshed model. Texture maps are masters of deception, creating the illusion of a highly detailed model for the fraction of the computing cost.

PFTrack 2017 builds on the updates of last year. Used in tandem with the mesh simplification tools, artists are able to make incredible looking objects to suit their project needs. Controlling triangle numbers in an object while retaining a highly detailed aesthetic has powerful implications for both the real time and VFX workflows.

The Photo Mesh node can now extract: Occlusion, Normal, Colour and Displacement maps during the mesh simplification process. Maps are extracted from the original high resolution mesh then applied to the simplified mesh.

PFTrack’s improved UI allows the user to view the mesh immediately after simplification with its normal and colour maps applied. This allows a comparison to be made between the simplified model and the high resolution original, alerting the user to any necessary changes needing to be made before progressing downstream.

Overview of the difference between the maps generated in the photogrammetry pipeline

The MARI Workflow:

The Unity Workflow:


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Posted by Kim Sternisha

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