Create layers and control their position in After Effects CC

Maxim Jago, not only has the awesome name of a super villian, but he knows After Effects really well! In this tutorial at Adobe.tv he shows users how to create layers in the position you want them in your After Effects compositions. You’ll also learn to pre-compose to the duration of your selection.

Need more help with Layers in AE?

  • Red Giant PlaneSpace – Math free. Tedium free. PlaneSpace eliminates the tedious task of managing the individual layers in multi-layer effects. The Creator tools automatically create 3D layers that form cubes, cylinders, spheroids or complex matrices, while the Distribute tools arrange layers into the 3D shape of your choice. Get 16 tools that make your life easier, arranging 3D layers quickly and easily without keyframes or complicated math.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki