Create Multiple Sculpts From a Single Basemesh in ZBrush

Shaun Keenan, clearly a fan of fish, has made an ocean of tutorials! He created a six models of fish in ZBrush using the Dnamesh and ZRemesher features in ZBrush and explains it all.

Basically, he uses images of fish as reference and imports a basemesh and manipulates it to fit the shape of the reference fish. He then sculpts the fish with ZBrush. It is a very detailed tutorial and actually very interesting to watch, even if you’re not a ZBrush user. You could create your own aquarium with all of these cool fish and easily design your own custom fish.

Shaun has made the project files available at CGTuts+. Check out his original post here. Check out more from the Tuts+ Network. You’ll learn a lot!

Without further ado, here are the tutorials.

Fish #1: Clown Fish

Sculpting Fish #1: Clown Fish

Fish #2: Grouper

Sculpting Fish #2: Grouper

I’m not sure why but there’s no audio on this video. I think you’ll still be able to follow along though.

Fish #3: Sheephead Fish

Yes, Fish number 3.

Sculpting Fish #3: Sheephead Fish

Fish #4: Convict Cichlid (Jail Fish)

Sculpting Fish #4: Convict Cichlid (Jail Fish)

Fish #5: Rainbow Trout

Sculpting Fish #5: Rainbow Trout

Fish #6: Pompano

The final fish model… Fish six… not fish sticks!

Sculpting. Fish #6: Pompano

Presenting the render

Shaun sets up the render and does some color correction in Photoshop.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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