Creating Accurate Virus Structures in Maya

virus structures in maya

Shaun Keenan over at cgtuts+ recently posted on how to build accurate Virus Structures in Maya using the Molecular Maya Toolkit! Give it a look!

Building Accurate Virus Structures in Maya using the Molecular Maya Toolkit

In this tutorial, Shaun Keenan will introduce you to the Molecular Maya Toolkit and show you how it can used in conjunction with PDB (Protein Data Base) files to build accurate viruses and other molecular structures, directly inside Maya. You’ll also learn how to build a complex shading network, light the scene, render using VRay, and finally how to composite your render passes together in Photoshop to achieve a great looking result.

Part 1: Installing the Maya Molecular Toolkit

The Files and Plug-ins You will Need:

Video 2: Building the Virus Structure

Continue to full tutorial on cgtuts+!

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