Krakatoa for CINEMA 4D Webinars

Let’s start out Tutorial Tuesday with a bang with all of the great Krakatoa for C4D webinars given last week by Thinkbox’s Technical Director Borislav (Bobo) Petrov!

Introduction to Krakatoa for CINEMA 4D

Basic Rendering

This video covers the basics of volumetric lighting and rendering in Krakatoa C4D.

Channel Overrides and PRT Volume Settings

This video discusses some ways to control channels at different stages of the render pipeline, as well as the various attributes of the PRT Volume object.

PRT Loader Settings, Loading Partitions, and Motion Blur

This video gives an overview of the various attributes of the PRT Loader and demonstrates the loading of multiple Partitions using one object, as well as the rendering of a cached Emitter with Motion Blur.

Retiming And Interpolation

This video discusses the ability to interpolate the particle positions when using the Playback Graph option in a PRT Loader to slow down the particle motion.

Particle Repopulation

This video covers the basic concepts of the Repopulate Tag.

Depth Of Field

This video discusses the implementation details of the Depth Of Field feature.

Shading, Logging, Licensing And Tools Tabs

This video provides an overview of the remaining tabs of the Render Settings dialog.

Rendering Turbulence FD

This video discusses the rendering of Turbulence FD simulations using Krakatoa.

Baking Lighting And Relighting Particles

This video looks at the ability of Krakatoa to bake lighting in the particles and remap the resulting Lighting channel at render time.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki

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