Material Scanning with a Smartphone and Substance

Material Scanning with a Smartphone and Substance

Scanning materials with a Smartphone?  Is that even possible? Yes it is, and Anthony Salvi from Allegorithmic shows you how.

As a member of Allegorithmic Labs, I spend my time experimenting with crazy ideas, new gear and prototype software. When you combine that with my background as a professional Digital Operator (here), I could only find the subject of photogrammetry fascinating. But while the process of utilizing expansive cameras and optics to capture your data is fairly documented, it was unclear we could do this with a simple smartphone.


I decided to dig into the subject and give it a try and because, well, “it works!”, the goal of this blog post is to provide you with all you need to setup a low-cost, DIY pipeline for high quality material scanning using photogrammetry.

As you will see, there is no magic involved, only the right tools (Substance of course), so I encourage everyone to go for it and make their own scanned materials. Let’s scan the world!

– Anthony Salvi

Read the full tutorial here.

Learn more about Substance here.


Posted by Kim Sternisha

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