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Transcode and Color Grading Tips 8 bit vs. 10 bit In Premiere Pro

Transcode and Color Grading Tips 8 bit vs. 10 bit In Premiere Pro

Should you transcode before Color Grading in Adobe Premiere?  Jarle Leirpoll puts that question to the test and lays to rest some misconceptions.

Here’s an excerpt from Jarle’s article on ProVideo Coalition:

After yet another discussion on transcoding, I recently arranged a test in the “Moving to Premiere Pro” Facebook group to bust this myth. I did some heavy contrast adjustments both on an original 8-bit DLSR clip and on a DNxHD 10-bit copy made with Adobe Media Encoder (AME) and exported two files. 8 people made a guess without knowing what file was made which way. 7 out of 8 were wrong!

The reason they were wrong is that the 10-bit copy actually looked worse after grading than the 8-bit original, and we’ve always been told that 10-bit is better – so they assumed the best looking clip was from the 10-bit file.

Here’s a longer test with texts, so you know what you’re looking at.

Transcode or not? – test DNxHD from Jarle Leirpoll on Vimeo.

Read the Full Article here and learn why the 10-bit looked worse when you should transcode and more.

About Jarle Leirpoll
Jarle Leirpoll is an Adobe Premiere Pro Master Trainer and the author of The Cool Stuff in Premiere Pro. Between film projects, he travels the world doing Premier Pro and After Effects training for both beginners and high-end professionals. Jarle also runs, where you can find lots of free templates, presets and tutorials.


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