V-Ray to Nuke Render Passes

V-Ray to Nuke Render Passes

Part 1 will show you how to uses the Extra Tex passes Node to create custom render layers, for instance an ambient occlusion pass built in the multichannel exr file.  Furthermore it will explain why passes are a must have in todays 3D and VFX (Visual Effects) scene.


Part 2 will guide you through the actual compositing of the rendered passes. It shows you how to set up a simple Node tree for simple composting, and also a more advanced node tree for maximum customizability.  In the end you will be shown how the final rendered scene was set up, and what tricks and tips were used.

Arvid Schneider is a 3D Artist mostly in the Modeling, Rendering and Visualization field, currently with Ambient Entertainment.

Posted by Michele Yamazaki