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Yanobox Mosaic from Eran Stern

Yanobox Mosaic from Eran Stern

Trainer Eran Stern gives a great overview of a cool plug-in from Yanobox called Mosaic. It’s great for pixel texturing & ASCII effects with adaptive tiling.  Plus, it’s the last day to save on all FxFactory FxPacks, so don’t miss this great deal!

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More about Yanobox Mosaic

Dynamic Texturing Use a comprehensive set of tools to constrain, balance and animate the texture fragmentation over your content. Mosaic smart texturing algorithm organizes and warps the details to help you in the production of stunning composites.

ASCII Effects Compose authentic ACSII effects and sophisticated versions of the principle of painting your footage with a custom set of characters. Mosaic supports any monospaced font. Texturing is performed in a coordinate space independent of the viewer and lets you zoom into the effect to create sharp close-ups.

Recursive Details Setup complex animated graphics from a small group of elements assembled on a grid. Apply Mosaic to gradient ramps, fractal noise, or any luminance map you imagine, then play with masks and adaptive tiling to localize the tessellation and quickly produce massive motion graphics.

Fully Integrated into After Effects Fly into the motifs or create dynamic textures for your 3D models. Mosaic natively supports the After Effects Camera. This allows for seamless integration with other industry standard plugins also compatible with the 3D environment offered by AE.

Wireframe Overlay Enhance the mapping with sharp borders, triangulations, crosses and grid overlays or transmute the footage into wireframe patterns.

Large Collection of Expandable Effects Mosaic comes with a collection of over a hundred customizable presets and FCPX Templates based on procedural and original texture atlases. This library was created as a starting point and to inspire the creation of your own motifs made of a simple grid of images, graphic elements, or video loops.

View sample presets on the Product Page.

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Posted by Michele Yamazaki