Tutorials: Colour Grading Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve

Tutorials: Colour Grading Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve

Get coloring tips from professional colorists, troubleshoot common Resolve problems, learn FCPX/Premiere Pro workflows, and more, with this DaVinci Resolve color grading tutorial compilation from film editor Danny Elwin.

Colour Grading Tutorials

Film Editor Jonny Elwin has compiled a bunch of DaVinci Resolve color grading tutorials.  Topics include color correction, importing a reference movie, troubleshooting, smooth 4K playback, using curves and much more.

View all the tutorials here: http://jonnyelwyn.co.uk/film-and-video-editing/colour-grading-tutorials-for-davinci-resolve/

About Jonny Elwin
Jonny Elwyn is a freelance film editor and writer, living and working in London, UK.  As a freelance film editor he works for a diverse range of clients handling everything from on-set rushes and offline editorial through to the final sound mix and colour grade.  As a freelance writer he regularly contributes to PremiumBeat.com and RedsharkNews, among others.

This tutorial by THIS GUY EDITS is one of the many tutorials Jonny recommends.

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