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U-RENDER: Mastering Image Contrast Episodes 1 & 2

u-render image contrast series

U-RENDER is creating a tutorial series about Image Contrast that explains how you can use different kinds of contrasts to reach stunning results with your scenes, using U-RENDER.   The first episode is dedicated mostly to the different types of contrast. As more tutorials in this series are released, they will be added to this article.

If you want to know more about Image Contrast and U-RENDER, check out this article: U-RENDER: 7 Real-time Features for the Best Image Contrast 

Mastering Image Contrast – Episode 1

Image Contrast is one of the most effective ways to catch the attention of your audience and convey your message. How much consciously do you use it?

In these tutorials dedicated to this topic, we will explain how you can use different kinds of contrasts to reach stunning results with your scenes.

In this first episode you will learn about the following topics:
00:00​ – Introduction
00:24​ – Tonal Contrast
01:12​ – Color Contrast
02:13​ – Structural/Surface Contrast
02:47​ – Analyse Example
03:40​ – Improving an existing Image

Mastering Image Contrast – Episode 2

Contrast occurs by combining opposite elements. As you can imagine, in rendering and in photography too, the possibilities of combinations and degrees are countless.

In this tutorial, you will learn about the following contrast and techniques:
00:00​ – Introduction
00:14​ – Quality Contrast
00:42​ – Quantity Contrast
01:47​ – Simultaneous Contrast
02:19​ – Optical Illusion Example
04:27​ – Conceptual Contrast

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