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ZBrush Modeling Techniques

ZBrush Modeling Techniques

zbrush alien tut


“In this tutorial I will explain a little about modeling my character; Infested Marine, and the techniques I used to create this model using (Pixologic) ZBrush software.

zbrush alien 1

Start sculpting
“I started from a sphere in ZBrush and created a very rough pose. I used DynaMesh to allow me more freedom to getting my proportions the way I wanted. To adjust the proportions, I used the Move brush and the Standard brush to sculpt the muscles in the right place.


zbrush alien 2

Creating armor
“I used the InsertCylinder brush to create the extra geometry, and the ClayTubes brush to create the base of armor. From there, I started to add more detail to the model.”

Click here to view Ali Noori's entire ZBrush tutorial posted on

About Ali Noori
Ali is a Freelance 3d Artist with a focus on character modeling.

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