Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks v2.5.3

Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks
Beautiful color finishing and camera-inspired tools
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Whether you’re warming up a scene or building a palette from scratch, Magic Bullet Looks 2 brings professional color finishing to projects of any budget. It starts out very simple, with 100's of beautifully designed treatments that range from practical lighting to popular Hollywood cinema. Also includes PhotoLooks for use in Photoshop.


Dive deeper to explore the Looks tools and their powerful way of using color and light, like Scopes for skintone accuracy and 3-Way wheels for grading. With a sophisticated interface, camera-inspired tools, and presets that meet your production needs, Magic Bullet Looks will change the way you approach color.


Now supporting FCP X!

What's New:

  • Now part of Color Suite. Looks 2 is available in Red Giant Color Suite, our new set of essential tools for color correction, finishing & looks. Learn more
  • Do you own Looks? If you already own Looks, you get a discounted upgrade to the new Color Suite and Shooter Suite. Upgrade details   
  • Now supports Photoshop! We’ve rolled PhotoLooks, our popular Photoshop version, into the Looks 2 package, so you get yet another supported host app at the same price.
  • Save on upgrade. A flexible upgrade policy lets you upgrade for only $99 from any version of Looks or Editors.

Reasons To Buy

  • Share looks between apps. Share your Looks 2 presets between After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Vegas Pro, Motion, Media Composer and Photoshop. Wow!
  • Start to finish. Design a look that can be used throughout post-production, from pre-vis to edit to the final master.
  • Huge library of presets. Our professionally designed presets will kickstart your video or film. Inspired by real-world projects and problems, and tested in commercial projects.
  • Tons of new tools. Now you get tools like Video Out preview, Colorista 3-Way wheels, Ranged HSL, Hue/Lightness scope, Hue/Saturation scope, and Cosmo skin smoothing.
  • Work with any version. Full backward compatibility lets you easily work with Looks 1 and PhotoLooks presets.

Creative playground for every artist

MB LooksWith version 2, our Looks is all grown up. We've kept the tools you love, but designed a more elegant interface with features to get your projects humming. Looks 2 fits every artist, from the beginning designer who is inspired by the presets, to the hard core colorist who builds looks from scratch. Use Looks to add warmth to a wedding video shot on a cloudy day or design a palette for the next Sundance original. Bake in some Magic Bullet love and let color bring out your story.


Tools & presets that inspire you

LooksLooks 2 lets you define the style of your video or film, and its new tools and presets open up a realm of creative possibilities. We've added helpful tools from the Magic Bullet family like cosmetic skin cleanup from Cosmo and the 3 Way color wheels from Colorista II. A professionally redesigned library of presets includes over 30 new looks to add artificial lighting, talent cleanup, a documentary feel, or the grit of a crime drama. Looks 2 has more ways to make people and projects look stunning


Technology & design in harmony

LooksWhat about satisfying that inner geek? Looks 2 makes your life easier by adding the #1 requested feature, Video Out capability, for an interactive preview on your external device that updates as you work. We enhanced the CPU/GPU handling so it's easier to juggle and render large images. And the complicated Advanced I/O processing of Looks 1 has been replaced with a simpler Gamma processing that runs quickly and more efficiently. With Looks 2, you get more power and speed behind the scenes.