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v1.1 990adjustments Granola

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990adjustments Granola
990adjustments Granola

Picture Viewer Notification for Cinema 4D

Want to know when the Picture Viewer render in Cinema 4D is done, similar to the alert you get from After Effects?  Look no further. Granola is tiny notification plugin for Maxon Cinema 4D that sends an audible alert when Cinema 4D’s Picture Viewer is done rendering.

If you are an Adobe After Effects® user, you are probably familiar with the alert that is sent when the render queue is done rendering a project. Now, it’s available in Cinema 4D through Granola! If you’re a Mac* user, you even have the option to receive OS notifications.



How do I use Granola?

Granola will be available in your Python menu in Cinema 4D R12 and under Plugins in Cinema 4D R13 or later. Just execute Granola and your picture viewer will start right up. Make sure your scene is saved to disk first!

Once the render is complete, you will hear a jingle. If you would like a different sound option, just open up the options dialog and select your desired WAV audio file.
If you are on Mac OS X v10.8 or later, you also have the option of receiving an OS notification
which is easily configureable through your system preferences.

Assign a keyboard shortcut to Granola and you will never need to use the regular Picture Viewer render again!

  • Apple Mac OS X v10.6 or later.*
  • Window 7 or later.
  • Maxon® Cinema 4d® R12 or later.

*Mac OS X v10.8 or later required for OS notifications.

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