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swift slides tutorial

Swift Slides: The Fastest way to create a SLIDESHOW in Premiere Pro

June 11, 2024

Learn how to use Salt Media Swift Slides to make simple slideshows quickly in Premiere Pro.  You will also get tips and tricks for creating slideshows manually.     Author…

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Continuum Essentials for Avid Media Composer

Continuum Essentials for Avid Media Composer

May 22, 2024

Nick Harauz guides you through Continuum Essentials for Avid Media Composer in this 20-part, 4-hour series.

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In Depth Davinci Resolve Free vs. Studio

In Depth: DaVinci Resolve Studio vs Free (Updated for 19)

May 9, 2024

Is Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio version worth the investment over the free version? Yes, it is! Read DaVinci Resolve Studio vs Free to learn more.

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Avid ScriptSync Guide

Avid ScriptSync Guide for Avid Media Composer

April 10, 2024

Simon Smith shows you how to save time using ScriptSync AI, your ultimate time-saver for working with Avid Media Composer.

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vertical video lightworks

Edit and Export Vertical Video for Social Media with Lightworks

February 13, 2024

If you’re a Lightworks user creating content for social media and need to export vertical video, you need to watch this 2 part series!

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Transparent background in premiere pro

Transparent Background in Premiere Pro

February 6, 2024

Josh Olufemii walks you through the process of exporting a transparent background in Premiere Pro. This is a great tutorial for new users.

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Lightworks NewBlue

Installing & Using NewBlue Add-Ons In Lightworks

January 31, 2024

Did you know that every version of Lightworks, from Free to Pro, includes NewBlue bonus content to add some pizazz to your edit?

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creation effects shapeshift tutorial

Creation Effects: ShapeShift Tutorial #gettingstarted

January 2, 2024

This tutorial shows you how to create mind-bending 3D transition effects with your footage in Adobe After Effects, using the Creation Effects: ShapeShift template.

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tips editors 2024

20 Tips For Video Editors in 2024 from Olufemii

January 2, 2024

Josh Olufemii has 20 timely tips for video editors to get 2024 started with a bang. The software agnostic tips are for editors using any NLE.

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beatedit resolve saves hours

How BeatEdit Saves You Hours of Editing in Resolve

December 3, 2023

George Kamenov explains how BeatEdit for Resolve saves him enormous numbers of hours when cutting video to music.

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beatedit resolve edit beat

Unbelievably Easy Edit to the Beat with this Amazing Plugin!

November 21, 2023

God_Send MixedMedia walks you through using Mamoworld BeatEdit for DaVinci Resolve to easily edit to the beat!

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AI for Filmmakers, video Pros and Content Creators

A.I. Tools for Video Pros, Filmmakers, & Content Creators #indepth [Updated]

October 17, 2023

A.I. tools for video, filmmakers, and content creators are currently available for a lot more than you may realize. Here are tools to try!

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Learn Adobe Premiere Pro 2023, 2-Hour Workshop

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro 2023, 2-Hour Workshop

August 22, 2023

Valentina Vee, Adobe Master Trainer, helps you to learn Adobe Premiere Pro from start to finish in this free 2-hour workshop.

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Sound Design for Films with an AI Powered DAW

Sound Design for Films with an AI Powered DAW

August 17, 2023

Jared Otto, Product Development VP of Audio Design Desk walks you through sound design on Marcelo Lewin’s short film “The Adversarial”.

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zoom transitions tutorial

PremiumVFX Zoom Transitions Tutorial #gettingstarted

August 1, 2023

Learn how to use PremiumVFX Zoom Transitions to create dynamic transitions that simulate camera zooms with smooth movements, in this tutorial.

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