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DAT Chicago

Watch DAT Chicago Live on September 8

September 7, 2023

Watch DAT Chicago, streamed live on September 8 at 12 pm Central Time. Toolfarm will be there so watch our social media channels for pix!

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Gryun Kim siggraph 2023

Gryun Kim | Making of Shin Ramyun | SIGGRAPH 2023

September 5, 2023

Discover the fascinating artistry behind Shin Ramyun, brought to life by acclaimed 3D lead animator Gryun Kim at SIGGRAPH 2023.

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Ana Carolina Pereira | Making an Appealing Render with ZBrush + Unreal 5

Ana Carolina Pereira | Making an Appealing Render with ZBrush + Unreal 5

September 5, 2023

Experience the mesmerizing process of sculpting intricate beauty in ZBrush with Ana Carolina Pereira at SIGGRAPH 2023.

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come see how zbrush

Come See How It’s Made in ZBrush – ZBrush Live

August 23, 2023

Ian Robinson, Maxon ZBrush Trainer, shows you how to create a familiar monster with ZBrush on Come See How It’s Made.

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dat montreal

Watch DAT Montreal Archives from Maxon & Mograph.com

August 22, 2023

Watch the archives of DAT Montreal from August 22, 2023. Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm (that’s us!).

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DAT Toronto

Watch DAT Toronto Live!

August 17, 2023

DAT Toronto streaming live on August 17, 2023! Sponsored by Dell Technologies, RNDR, Nvidia, and Toolfarm (that’s us!).

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News: Maxon Announces SIGGRAPH 2023 Speakers

Maxon at SIGGRAPH 2023 – Watch 3 Days of Archives

August 15, 2023

Watch Maxon’s SIGGRAPH 2023 Presentations live from August 9 through August 11, 2023. Get inspired by leading motion graphics and 3D artists.

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zbrush and substance

Demystifying Post Production – ZBrush & Substance Workflows

June 27, 2023

This Maxon Training Team’s Demystifying Post Production series is about creating and controlling complex and realistic textures and materials with ZBrush and Substance. 

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lightsaber zbrush redshift

Create a Lightsaber with ZBrush to Redshift

June 15, 2023

Elly Wade & Ian Robinson take you through creating a beautiful realistic Lightsaber with ZBrush to Redshift at Maxon’s booth at NAB 2023.

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whimsical assets unreal zbrush

Effortlessly Create Whimsical Assets for Unreal 5 with ZBrush

June 14, 2023

Ana Carolina Pereira shows you how you can effortlessly create whimsical assets for your Unreal 5 scene with ZBrush at NAB 2023.

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DAT Nashville

DAT Nashville Archives

June 12, 2023

Watch the archives from June 11, 2023, the DAT Tour in Nashville, with great presentations from talented artists and animators.

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Damien Canderle

Damien Canderle: ZBrush pipeline in Love, Death and Robots

June 7, 2023

Live at FMX 2023, Damien Canderle of Blur Studio dives into his workflow on creating Characters for Netflix’s series “Love, Death & Robots”.

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Jonni Zhang

Jonni Zhang: Character Creation for Games

June 7, 2023

Jonni Zhang, Character Artist and former Game Designer and Producer, talks about creating character assets with ZBrush at FMX 2023.

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DAT Tour Philly Archives

DAT Tour Philly Archives from May 15, 2023

June 1, 2023

On May 15, 2023, the DAT Tour hit The City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, with great presentations from über talented artists and animators. Watch the archives below.

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chloe zbrush sculpting

Finalizing Sculpt in ZBrush with Chloe Worthy

May 9, 2023

3D artist Chloe Worthy shows you her technique for finalizing the sculpt for stylized characters in ZBrush.

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