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In depth Gunfire and weapons sound design

In Depth: Gunfire and Weapon Sound Effects

September 1, 2022

In any action film or video game, the sound is as important as the visuals. In this article, we’ll focus specifically on Gunfire and Weapon Sound Effects.

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fabfilter pro-mb tutorial series

FabFilter Pro-MB – 3 Part Series on Sidechaining, De-Essing and Drum Mixing with Eric Burgess

August 16, 2022

Check out this FabFilter Pro-MB 3 part tutorial series with Eric Burgess and learn how to sidechain, remove harsh sibilance in your vocal tracks, and “Glue” your drum tracks together.

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waves harmony getting started tutorial

Waves Harmony: Create Your DREAM Vocal Production #gettingstarted

August 4, 2022

With Waves Harmony you can easily craft stunning vocal harmonies, layers and arrangements.  Watch this tutorial to learn how.

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sonible smart:comp Webinar Livestream

sonible smart:comp 2 Webinar Livestream, July 28th, 12PM EST

July 26, 2022

Want to be the first to check smart:comp 2 out? Watch this exclusive livestream presentation of the latest and best in dynamics processing!

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signum oudness normaliser tutorial

Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Normaliser – This Plugin is MAGIC for Audio Broadcast Standards

June 27, 2022

PluginBoutique loves the Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Normaliser for it’s ease of “loudness normalization for a large assortment of loudness standards.”  Learn how easy it is, with this short tutorial.

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fabfilter learning resource

New FabFilter Learning Resource

April 26, 2022

If you’re looking for one place to learn about working with audio using Fabfilter tools, the new Fabfilter Learn page is where you want to be.  It has written articles and videos to help you learn about Equalization, Compression, Reverb, Mixing and more.

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EchoRemover AI Tutorials

EchoRemover AI Tutorials #gettingstarted

February 3, 2022

Watch EchoRemover AI tutorials for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. EchoRemover AI uses AI to remove echo from your audio.

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Free Training: DaVinci Resolve 17 Video Series

Free Training: DaVinci Resolve 17 Video Series

February 1, 2022

Blackmagic released several free video training series for DaVinci Resolve 17 last month. There are also free training ebooks for download.

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crumplepop audiodenoise ai tutorial

CrumplePop AudioDenoise AI Tutorials #gettingstarted

December 21, 2021

This is a series of tutorials showing you how to use CrumplePop AudioDenoise AI to automatically remove hiss, background noise, and hum from your audio every host it supports.

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pro tools reverb and delay tutorial

Avid Pro Tools: Mixing Effects — Using Reverb and Delay

December 14, 2021

In this tutorial, Avid Master Instructor Andy Hagerman shows you how to use reverb and delay in Pro Tools to create just the right ambiance in your mix.  He also explains the parameters of both and how you can best incorporate them into your mix.

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In Depth: Creating Lo-Fi Music & 10 Popular Tools to Help You Create It

In Depth: Creating Lofi Music & 10 Popular Tools to Help You Create It

December 7, 2021

Learn the basics of lo-fi music, hear some examples, watch tutorials and get the tools to bring your lo-fi music to life. Plus some freebies!

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Live Stream: Kilohearts Convolver First-Look #gettingstarted

Live Stream: Kilohearts Convolver First-Look #gettingstarted

October 14, 2021

In this live stream, Dash Glitch takes you through Kilohearts Convolver, a convolution reverb that can import custom impulse responses.

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loudness toolkit tutorial

NUGEN Audio: Introduction to Loudness Toolkit #gettingstarted

August 24, 2021

Watch this short tutorial to get a great introduction to the NUGEN Audio Loudness Toolkit, a comprehensive software bundle for loudness management, consisting of VisLM, LM-Correct and ISL.

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masteringmix reference tutorial

Mastering The Mix REFERENCE 2 Walkthrough

August 20, 2021

Learn how to get the most value out of REFERENCE 2, the ultimate referencing tool, and get closer than ever to the sound of your favorite tracks with this walkthrough.

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Webinar: Audio Repair for Video Editors with iZotope RX 8

Live Webinar: Audio Repair for Video Editors with iZotope RX 8

April 29, 2021

Join Toolfarm & iZotope at 3:00 PM EDT/12:00 PM PDT: Audio Repair for Video Editors with iZotope RX 8 with David Barber. Click to watch!

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