Audio Tools (6 Tutorials)

Live Stream: Kilohearts Convolver First-Look #gettingstarted

Live Stream: Kilohearts Convolver First-Look #gettingstarted

October 14, 2021

In this live stream, Dash Glitch takes you through Kilohearts Convolver, a convolution reverb that can import custom impulse responses.

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loudness toolkit tutorial

NUGEN Audio: Introduction to Loudness Toolkit #gettingstarted

August 24, 2021

Watch this short tutorial to get a great introduction to the NUGEN Audio Loudness Toolkit, a comprehensive software bundle for loudness management, consisting of VisLM, LM-Correct and ISL.

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masteringmix reference tutorial

Mastering The Mix REFERENCE 2 Walkthrough

August 20, 2021

Learn how to get the most value out of REFERENCE 2, the ultimate referencing tool, and get closer than ever to the sound of your favorite tracks with this walkthrough.

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Webinar: Audio Repair for Video Editors with iZotope RX 8

Live Webinar: Audio Repair for Video Editors with iZotope RX 8

April 29, 2021

Join Toolfarm & iZotope at 3:00 PM EDT/12:00 PM PDT: Audio Repair for Video Editors with iZotope RX 8 with David Barber. Click to watch!

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izotope are you listening series on audio mastering

Are you Listening? Season 2 with Jonathan Wyner on Audio Mastering

March 16, 2021

Are you Listening? with Jonathan Wyner and iZotope have a slickly-produced series about Mastering audio. Watch the 6 part series today.

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kv331 synthmaster one tutorial

KV331 Audio Synthmaster One Tutorial #gettingstarted

March 31, 2020

Joshua Casper from Plugin Boutique takes you on a guided tour of Synthmaster One, with a focus on routing parameters, importing and using 3rd party wavetables, GUI Overview and the Preset preview.

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