Upscaling or Uprezzing Video (7 Tutorials)

In Depth Demo Reel. Image by Moon Bhuyan from Pixabay

In Depth: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Great Demo Reel

May 13, 2024

Get advice from seasoned pros on putting together a reel that will get you jobs! Learn what work to include on your reel, music choices, etc.

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Bringing Still Images to Life with Boris FX Suite, After Effects, and Photoshop

Bringing Still Images to Life with Photoshop & After Effects

April 17, 2024

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to make still images come to life, as you’ve seen in documentaries, Nick Harauz from Boris FX shows you how!

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AI Machine learning After Effects

AI & Machine Learning Tools for After Effects: LinkedIn Learning

November 28, 2023

Eran Stern has a new course on LinkedIn Learning that features AI & Machine Learning tools available for After Effects.

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AI for Filmmakers, video Pros and Content Creators

A.I. Tools for Video Pros, Filmmakers, & Content Creators #indepth [Updated]

October 17, 2023

A.I. tools for video, filmmakers, and content creators are currently available for a lot more than you may realize. Here are tools to try!

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re:vision effects rezup overview tutorial

RE:Vision Effects: REZup Overview – Resize & Enhance

December 14, 2022

Learn how to use RE:Vision Effects REZup ReSize to increase your image quality, and REZup Enhance to upscale your video without loss of quality with this tutorial.  It also explains the workflows for After Effects and Autograph.

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BCC: Up Rez in FCP X & Motion 5

BCC: Up Rez in FCP X & Motion 5

August 10, 2015

Learn how to UpRez SD footage to HD using BCC UpRez from Image Restoration, in FCPX and Motion 5.

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Frame Rate Conversion and Mixed Formats

Frame Rate Conversion and Mixed Formats

October 7, 2014

In this tutorial, you will see several examples demonstrating frame rate conversion and mixed format issues and their solutions.

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