Keying and Green/Blue Screen (47 Tutorials)

hawaiki keyer tutorial

Hawaiki Keyer 5 – New Features #gettingstarted

September 6, 2022

Learn how to use the new features in Hawaiki Keyer 5 to speed up the rendering of complex keys and maintain hair and other fine details, with the new AI-powered face & object tracking, the new realtime edge tracking and the new Crop tools.

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keying and color grading with Composite Brush

Color Grading and Keying with Composite Brush

August 9, 2022

MJake talks about color grading and keying using Composite Brush in After Effects. Try a free demo of Composite Brush Today

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keyper tutorial

Sheffield Softworks Keyper Tutorial

May 13, 2022

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use Keyper to isolate people and remove the background from shots, with no green screen required. Keyper uses machine learning to isolate people…

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Fake Drawn Me: "Take On Me” Music Video VFX Tutorial

Fake Drawn Me: “Take On Me” Music Video VFX Tutorial

July 27, 2021

In Fake Drawn Me, Hashi, aka Action Movie Dad, takes on the classic iconic sketchy hand-drawn styling of a-ha’s music video for “Take on Me”.

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cinematte tutorial

36Pix Cinematte Overview #gettingstarted

July 27, 2021

Watch this short overview tutorial to learn how to use 36Pix Cinematte to get a great looking key with just a few clicks.

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Top 5 AFTER EFFECTS Tutorials in April 2021

Top 5 AFTER EFFECTS Tutorials in April 2021

May 12, 2021

After Effects Beginner’s Monthly round-up continues. We see the five best tutorials that have been reviewed in April’s edition.

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Pull the Perfect Key from Green Screen with Vegas Pro

Pull the Perfect Key from Green Screen with Vegas Pro

October 16, 2020

Josh from Scrapyard Films explains how to pull a fantastic key from green screen footage using Vegas Pro 18 and NewBlue Chroma Key Pro.

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boris live ibc 2020

Boris FX Live: Virtual IBC 2020 Presentations, Day 3 is Live!

September 10, 2020

Watch Boris FX Live presentations for Virtual IBC! They are featuring customer presentations, sneak peeks of 2021 releases, giveaways.

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Onward Cheap Tricks with Hashi

Onward Legs Effect, Cheap Tricks with Hashi

March 9, 2020

Hashi of Action Movie Kid, dives into the legs only body effect from Pixar’s Onward. Makes some Onward-inspired magic with Red Giant tools.

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red giant tutorial roundup

Red Giant Tutorial Roundup

December 10, 2019

Check out these great tutorials from Red Giant.  Get started with Universe and VFX Reflections, learn “cheap tricks” for re-creating cool Frozen II and Game of Thrones effects and even learn how to create a Star Wars style Force push.

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Frozen 2 Cheap Tricks from Hashi Red Giant

Frozen II VFX: Cheap Tricks with Hashi

December 5, 2019

Red Giant has a fun new tutorial from Hashi of Action Movie Kid. In this tutorial, Hashi goes through how to create the diamond burst effect from Frozen II.

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Webinar: Pulling the Perfect Key with Continuum Primatte Studio

Webinar Replay: Pulling the Perfect Key with Boris FX Continuum Primatte Studio

August 27, 2019

In case you missed the webinar, Boris FX has posted this informative webinar replay so you can learn how to use Primatte Studio to easily chromakey and composite green screen footage.

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Game of Thrones Cheap Tricks Parts 1 & 2

Game of Thrones VFX Parts 1 & 2: Cheap Tricks with Hashi

August 22, 2019

Red Giant has a fun new tutorial from Hashi of Action Movie Kid. Parts 1 and 2 walk you through several great tricks to make your VFX look spectacular.

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rg vfx primatte keyer

Getting Started with Primatte Keyer 6 #gettingstarted

June 19, 2019

Get started with Primatte Keyer 6, part of the new Red Giant VFX Suite with this tutorial created by Simon Walker.

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captain marvel

Captain Marvel Energy Effects, Cheap Tricks | Red Giant

March 13, 2019

In this tutorial, Hashi from Action Movie Kid shows you how to create the energy effects from Captain Marvel. Use fractal noise for controlled chaos!

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