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CoreMelt ShotAnvil Introduction #gettingstarted

CoreMelt ShotAnvil Introduction #gettingstarted

Watch this introduction to ShotANVIL, a new plugin from CoreMelt for Final Cut ProX. It combines PaintX, SliceX, and TrackX into one combined editor interface allowing you to do everything in one plugin, with powerful new tools for AI masking, paint, keying, and enhanced shape masks.

CoreMelt ShotAnvil

CoreMelt ShotAnvil

Tracked paint, masks, and graphics all in one plugin.

Unlock the power of CoreMelt ShotAnvil, a game-changing plugin that effortlessly combines tracked paint, masks, and graphics inserts. With just one click, experience the magic of AI person keying, all within this convenient all-in-one tool.

Learn MoreTry CoreMelt ShotAnvil for free!

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Posted by Michele

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