Distortion & Saturation (8 Tutorials)

mastering the mix expose 2 walkthrough

Mastering The Mix EXPOSE 2 Walkthrough

August 18, 2021

Watch this walkthrough to learn how you can deliver the best listening experience and release your music with confidence using Expose 2.

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psp infinistrip tutorial

PSP InfiniStrip Hard Rock Mix Tutorial #gettingstarted

March 29, 2021

In this tutorial, Marlon Wolterink from www.WhiteNoiseStudio.com shows you how to use the Saturator and BrickWall modules from PSP InfiniStrip FIRE edition to mix a hard rock song.

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Introduction to kilohearts multipass

Introduction to Kilohearts Multipass

October 6, 2020

Follow Anders in a short introduction to Multipass, the modular multiband effects processor from Kilohearts. Multipass is on sale, too!

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izotope rx 8 music production tutorial

Top 8 Ways to Use RX 8 for Music Production

September 22, 2020

This tutorial shows you how to quickly repair your music tracks by utilizing new modules like Guitar De-noise and the improved quality of Music Rebalance in RX 8.

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FabFilter Saturn 2 New Features #GettingStarted

FabFilter Saturn 2 New Features #GettingStarted

May 20, 2020

Eric Burgess shows new features in FabFilter Saturn 2, including New Amp Models, Redesigned visual modulation, Drag & Drop modulation & Linear Phase.

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u-he diva tutorial series

u-he Diva Tutorial Series #gettingstarted

April 28, 2020

Get started using u-he Diva with this 5 part tutorial series that covers distortion, Glide 2, brass bounce, PMW and LFO Recursion.

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u-he colour copy tutorial

Introduction to u-he Colour Copy #gettingstarted

April 14, 2020

In this 2 part tutorial series, Ronan Macdonald introduces u-he Colour Copy and gives an overview of its features and functionality.

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polyverse manipulator tutorial

Polyverse Manipulator Basic Tutorial #gettingstarted

March 31, 2020

Learn how to use the Polyverse Manipulator to bend and sculpt your vocals and monophonic audio in new and unexplored ways.

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