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    I just wanted to thank you, Michele, for your ultra-fast and courteous support. That’s no longer the norm these days. I wish you and the whole Toolfarm team a great time!

    Simon Moser

    Michele, thank you very much for responding, I will certainly follow your recommendations. Thank you again for your attention. I would like to say that I loved the support of Toolfarm. It is already in my favorite sites for future purchases.

    Carlos Eduardo de Araujo Ramos

    Impeccable. Thank you very much. Your service is really great. Thanks again to the whole Toolfarm team.

    Philippe Gerard

    [Waiting on license delivery] I can’t wait to use it for real! Thank u for being so on it. It’s legit so cool to be attended to so well.

    Danielle Soto

    Your customer service and your way of positive communication are the best I ever received.

    Tim, please keep up the great work and keep me in the loop.

    Frank Frohnhöfer

    It has been great, thanks!

    Leigh R. Pearson, Touchvision Solutions Testimonial

    Thanks for your help. Just made the purchase.

    P.S. I am glad you still have a number to call. Makes things a little easier to get started. I just prefer talking to people than typing so much and then back-and-forth emails that could have been handled in a 2-minute call rather than emails for an hour. So, it is appreciated.

    Christopher Mullen

    Popping back to say thanks so much, Michele and Johnny! The reviews for the wonderful customer service really are well-deserved and so much more 🙂 Using the software very well now!

    Zoe Fan

    I just dealt with Michele in your customer support department. I must say, she was thorough and knowledgeable and was a great help. I had contacted her via chat for assistance in retrieving an older purchase. She quickly located it and sent me links and an installation video as well. In short, it was a great support interaction. She was pleasant to deal with. Great job! Thanks so much.

    Blaine Miller

    Just wanted to say I had an excellent experience with Tim Coolidge. Helped me with a challenging transaction, took some time but worked through it and am now a proud and loyal customer to Toolfarm.


    Toolfarm has the BEST reps of any of our vendors! I’m only purchasing through you guys moving forward.   I can’t thank you enough!!

    Eric Garlinghouse, Deloitte

    Thank you for all the time and effort you put into helping me.

    I will be sure to use Toolfarm for everything possible going forward (and, yeah, I tend to purchase a LOT of software tools).

    Marc Apfelstadt

    I sincerely appreciate the additional effort on your part to clarify and verify these somewhat vague and often confusing licensing issues. I can now make informed decisions on this year’s upgrade and update purchases.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… for your consistently excellent customer service over the years.

    Rick Roensch

    I wanted to acknowledge the incredible service of Michele on your team. We had our worst tech meltdown at work this Christmas and it was pleasantly problem-solved until completion with her guidance. You should be so proud to have put together such a wonderful team. Everyone I’ve spoken to within your office is so genuine, it’s a breath of fresh air from other product support experiences I have had in the past. I will definitely be recommending you in the future to anyone looking to purchase software because you have a great team to back it up.

    Ultan, RTE Television, Dublin, Ireland

    Thank you so much for your help and AMAZING customer service.

    I’m truly blown away by how you remembered me… Customer service of this calibre isn’t something I’m used to.

    Mick Robson

    Thank you again for your help and quick reply.  We’ve already put PFClean to good use by restoring a film from 1925 that’s going to premiere (re-premiere?) this November.  My appreciation certainly goes out to you and the rest of the Tool Farm team for helping us do so.

    Katherine Pratt

    Thank you to Heather for her assistance and guidance in helping me select the right product for my needs. As well as a hello and massive THANK YOU to Johnny for the C4D from last year- im loving it man! Cheers Toolfarm keep being awesome ;>

    Logan Pinney

    Through the years the helpful staff at toolfarm consistently provide not only great prices but also incredible support. I’ve emailed them late at night expecting a reponse the next day and received it within minutes that night. They answer so fast that now I feel bad about contacting them after hours because I know someone will respond, so I now wait until business hours. Customer service like they provide is almost a lost art today. I didn’t realize until now when I looked at the staff page that Jason and Colin, which are the two people that have helped me the most through the years, are actually the CEO and VP! Thank you for your fantastic support of a small operation like mine.

    David Clauson, Digital Magic Studios

    Rich is a baller. Thanks for coming to the rescue once again, Rich.

    Zeke Margolis, MelroseMAC

    Reaaalllyyy wanna give a huge thanks to Johnny from @toolfarm we almost had a disaster this morning and he took care of it in such a polite and timely manner! Literally made the whole experience painless. Thanks guys!!

    @MAINEVNTtheDJ on Twitter

    I truly mean it when I say that you guys continually set the standard for excellence in customer service. It gives me hope that humanity won’t actually devolve into a dystopian wasteland in my lifetime…

    Mel Matsuoka, Montaj 9

    It’s rare for a company and staff to be so remarkably responsive to a customer’s needs these days—particularly a small customer like me.
    Though infrequent, whenever I do make a purchase, or have a question, it is always handled in a timely manner and as though I were your most important client. That makes me want to keep coming back.
    Every interaction I have ever had with Toolfarm has been thoroughly professional. I cannot think of another place I can say that about.

    Jim Miller

    Incredibly convenient, time saving and much appreciated. Toolfarm is #1 in my book. – 10 year customer

    Bjorn Ahlen

    You definitely have some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Maybe the best.

    Five31, @_five31 on Twitter

    Toolfarm rocks – great resource for buying so much of our software!

    James Cowen | Yes Captain

    Toolfarm was more than helpful and has the best pricing I have found for any of the products they carry. I highly recommend.

    Patrick Branson TrAGiK Entertainment

    I wanted to thank you and your team at Toolfarm for being a fantastic partner. You’ve come to our rescue more times than I can remember. The pressure of tight VFX deadlines demand we push our level of creativity to heights we’ve never known, and I appreciate we can count on Toolfarm to help us meet our goals. Many thanks!

    Richelle Antczak McCuen | Marketing Coordinator | Mills James

    You guys in Toolfarm are always there to help – it’s a dream to buy anything from you!

    Piotr Jakubowicz

    Wow! You could easily have sold me a new copy! Imagine: A company with honesty and integrity! Toolfarm may be one of the last!! Thank you so very much!!

    Jim Miller

    I don’t know how to rate you guys. The way you get me going anytime I’m in need is so wonderful! You’re the best software outlet I have ever had to do business with.
    Everything is up and running, all in less than 12 hours!
    You are excellent. I’ll do business with you anytime.

    Captain Warredi Enisuoh

    Our team has been working with Toolfarm for several years now.
    We are continually impressed with the quality and breadth of their products.
    The level of customer service that we have received from everyone at Toolfarm is quite literally second to none.
    Email responses are exceedingly timely and they are always most helpful and friendly.
    Their team understands their products and go above and beyond to help.
    Our company highly recommends and stands behind Toolfarm, their products, their services, and their people!
    In a sea of shady online companies, be glad that you have found them!

    Rebecca Houser

    Simply the quickest and best support answer I have ever received. Thanks a lot!

    Simon Gutknecht

    Wow! Thank you guys for being so quick and awesome.

    That was incredible, and hands down the best service I’ve received in a long time.

    Kris Mortensen

    Holy smokes that was a lightning fast response. Whenever anyone asks why I buy from Toolfarm rather than directly from the source, I always say customer service! You guys never fail to amaze me. Huge sincere thanks, it’s appreciated greatly.

    Ryan Summers

    Your support, how shall I put it, is beyond anything I’ve encountered.

    Lennart Wahlin

    Another GREAT SALE at Toolfarm!…packaged with their exceptional customer service at No Extra Charge…Ya Gotta Just Love THAT!


    Bought some great plugins at Toolfarm. While I downloaded the plugin the mail with the serial number was already there. It`s the fastest shop and I never had any trouble with the download or payment.


    The support from Toolfarm is always immediate and excellent. This is the way online retailing should be (but often isn’t). I am a repeat customer, and I reckon I will be a re-repeat customer.

    A Satisfied Customer

    Toolfarm ALWAYS delivers. Whatever software I need / whenever I need it. Toolfarm is my go-to place…period.

    Joe Morelli

    I never have used Toolfarm before but was surprised at the great prices and great service when I had a problem. Thanks.

    Phillip Brooks

    Toolfarm have always been an exemplary shop of excellence from customer service to competitive pricing. A one-stop shop!

    Mark Morris

    Customer Service at Toolfarm is the best in the industry. I can’t say enough good about how much I appreciate having a location I can go to for the best products, solid advice, and reliable service. Other companies would do well to copy their service business model.

    David Merrell

    Just wanted to say thanks for having so many demos available so easily. Toolfarm rocks!

    Mitch Temkin Video & Grfx Production

    All I can say is “WOW”!!! That’s indeed exceptionally FAST service!!

    John Tilly

    You guys always amaze me at the fast responses – even in the middle of the night.

    Dave Harter

    Wow, you people are amazingly fast in answering e-mails!

    Hans van Beek

    I had a question on a Saturday night regarding this purchase and my email was responded to in less than 4 minutes! Now THAT is OLD SCHOOL!!! Thanks again for the service!

    Ron Davis, postquis design

    Thank you so so much for the quick response, on a Saturday no less. Toolfarm is awesome.

    Sean Barrett

    I just wanted to thank you for all your help. This is probably the best tech support I’ve ever received. Not only did you answer my emails quickly, but after hours too! Having your phone number right on the site was also incredibly reassuring. To have a huge software issue fix waiting in my inbox by the time I get into the office is practically unheard of. I’m pretty sure you guys are used to dealing with stressed-out graphics people, but in the middle of a huge deadline your response time is exactly what’s needed. You are awesome. I’m going to recommend Toolfarm to everyone in my design network.

    Lindsay Zimmerman

    Toolfarm comes through yet again. Thanks for the great support.

    Taran Reese

    Toolfarm is the best AE plug-ins site there is. There are other places to buy plug-ins, but they don’t GET IT like Toolfarm!

    Joe Peavey, Logical Vision

    Love the TOOLFARM site! I surf by several times a week!

    Richard Williams

    Nice place and sent me the right stuff right away.

    Lance Yelvington Jr

    Fast and knowledgeable… what else could you ask for?

    Robert Moutal

    Excellent customer service and quick and prompt delivery with the best prices, Toolfarm can’t be beat!

    Jonah Walker

    A shining example of great customer support!

    Joseph Hoffman

    Clear and friendly service. A lot cheaper than in Europe. Fast and good delivery. I recommend it to everybody!

    Jonas Van Gestel

    Keep up the good work!

    Lionel Tepper

    I would recommend this website to anyone looking for good prices on software and terrific customer service.

    Sam Nicholson

    Best price, good communication, arrived promptly

    Bjorn Ahlen

    I reluctantly ordered from Toolfarm at first because they are not registered with BBB.org. But they had a really good price and good service. I got three day shipping and received it the next day, even though item was out of stock. Highly recommend. I will order again.

    Tamino Castro

    Great customer service. Friendly and on point.

    Anton Purr

    Great service. I’ve purchaced from Toolfarm before and this special sale made purchasing more, easy and affordable. Thanks Toolfarm and Yahoo!

    Chet Simmons

    Toolfarm is a one-of-a-kind company, and they’ve got it all together in every department! Have ordered from them before, and will order from them again and again.

    Sari Shedd

    Fast and easy, with the best prices around.

    Tito da Costa

    Shopping online with Toolfarm is absolutely seamless. Simple, fast, and accomodating. The prices arent always as low as if I went directly to the manufacturer, but the transaction process is so smooth at Toolfarm I rarely concern myself with a couple of bucks. Ill be back many times.

    Mitch Temkin

    Original order was short due to a packing error by manufacturer. I contacted Toolfarm and they immediately sent out the missing piece. Often, service is all about what happens when somethings wrong – Toolfarm came through professionally. Recommended.

    Barry Hurd

    A+ merchant. The rep I deal with, Colin, is knowledgable and helpful and always responds to my questions promptly. Great selection of products at really good prices.

    Adam Mercado

    Toolfarm deserves a full 5 stars. Highly recommended!

    A Satisfied Customer

    Toolfarm is one of the most helpful online merchants Ive dealt with. I needed advice about the best software to achieve a particular effect for my current animation project. I sent them an e-mail & received an immediate response (as well as a follow-up response with more details) with precisely the information I needed.

    Elwood Smith

    For a specialized service they are very helpful and quick to reply with any questions. I would gladly deal with them again in the future.

    Doug Thomson

    I purchased some training DVDs from Toolfarm. I was very happy with the service. Delivery was super quick and the DVDs were securely packed. I received email updates as to the status of my order. Thank you for the great customer service!

    Sarah Kratochvil

    Extremely good is all I can say about Toolfarm. And I would definately buy from them again.

    Mark Morris

    Package arrived ahead of schedule, price was right. Toolfarm did all and more than I could expect.

    Hugh Ferguson III

    The folks at Toolfarm were very personable, and provided quick answers to my email, even over the weekend following the purchase while I was waiting for an electronic download link that needed to be sent from Sweden.

    jeff short

    Brilliant product for my use!

    Astrid Hagland Gjerde

    Thanks for the short delivery-time!

    Another happy customer

    I was very impressed with Toolfarm’s customer service and product “Euphoria”. I would recommend this product and company to anyone.

    Doug Yelmen
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