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aejuice text animation

AEJuice Text Animation: Animating Text Promo #gettingstarted

November 6, 2020

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use AEJuice Text Animation to create an eye-catching promo with animated text in After Effects.

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How Do I Quickly Give My Video a Letterbox Look?Letterbox

Burning Question: How Do I Quickly Give My Project a Letterbox Look?

August 25, 2020

Add the look of letterbox and give your video a film look. Learn about the tools, techniques, and terminology of letterboxing.

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FxFactory Plug-ins

Installing FxFactory Plug-ins

August 14, 2020

Have you just purchased a license for a plug-in that uses the FxFactory engine? Here’s how to download, install and register the plug-in.

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Video Copilot Tutorial Compilation + Save 25% on all Video Copilot tools

Video Copilot Tutorial Compilation + Save 25% on all Video Copilot tools

August 13, 2020

Here’s a Video Copilot Tutorial Compilation of our favorites for your learning enjoyment and to celebrate our exclusive sale, happening now!

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Newton 3 10 minute crash course

Newton 3 – 10 Minute Crash Course + Sale Info

August 13, 2020

Lewis McGregor posted a Newton 3 – 10 Minute Crash Course at Premium Beat. Newton is a 2D physics simulator plugin for After Effects.

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element 3D Barrels tutorial from VFX World

Video Copilot Element 3D Barrels of Tricks + Sale Info

August 10, 2020

Rajat Subhra, the founder of VFX World, has a tutorial that shows you some great tricks for getting the most out of Element 3D. Plus, sale info.

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In depth upscaling or upsizing video

In Depth: Upscaling Video

August 5, 2020

If you work with old video footage in standard format or can’t shoot 4K, here are several tools to make the job smoother and get better results.

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Jonathan Winbush Mograph Podcast 242

Live Now: Mograph Podcast 242 with Jonathan Winbush

July 20, 2020

Dave Koss and Matt Milstead of Mograph.com interview Jonathan. They discuss Cinema 4D, After Effects, Octane, and more. Join with your questions.

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after effects fireball tutorial

After Effects + AEJuice Liquid Elements: Fireball Effect for Beginners

July 14, 2020

This tutorial from Murray Frost walks you through all the steps to create a unique fireball effect using After Effects and AEJuice Liquid Elements.

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In Depth: Gun Fire and Muzzle Flash Effects

In Depth: Gunfire and Muzzle Flash (Updated 10 July 2020)

July 10, 2020

An exhaustive resource on adding spectacular Gunfire and Muzzle Flash effects to your action and science fiction films in your host of choice.

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In depth Fireworks

In Depth: Fireworks Extravaganza with Fun New Content

July 3, 2020

Each July 4 we update a collection of fun tutorials on creating fireworks. Plus save 5% this weekend at Toolfarm with a coupon code. Click for details.

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silhouette paint auto paint tutorial

Silhouette Paint – Quick Focus on Auto Paint

June 19, 2020

In this tutorial, learn about the Auto Paint workflow and how to run paintwork over time and on moving footage. Auto Paint is the engine that drives Silhouette Paint. 

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Fractured Ice Kraken

Fractured Ice Surface Tutorial – What’s Kraken?

June 16, 2020

Hashi shows you how to create a Kraken coming through the ice on a frozen river. He talks about the new Red Giant VFX Lens Distortion Matcher plugin.

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silhouette paint quick start tutorial series

Boris Silhouette Paint: Getting Started Tutorial Series

June 16, 2020

Go deep into Silhouette Paint with this detailed 5 part getting started tutorial series. You will learn how to choose the right motion tracker, removing objects, clone tool tricks, and more.

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silhouette paint quick start tutorial

Boris Silhouette Paint – Quick Start Tutorial

June 16, 2020

Get the basics on getting started with Boris Silhouette Paint and see what you can do with it, with this quick start tutorial.

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