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Create Gorgeous Animated Titles Right in your NLE

Create Gorgeous Animated Titles Right in your NLE

March 20, 2023

Step up your motion design game with these quick & easy plugins. Learn how to create stunning animated titles with these helpful tools.

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remove module mocha pro

Exploring Remove Module in Mocha Pro

May 9, 2023

During Boris FX Office Hours 53, Elizabeth Postol dove into the new features of the Remove Module in Mocha Pro 2023.

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Discover the Power of Using AI Image Generators with Boris FX Silhouette

Discover the Power of Using AI Image Generators with Boris FX Silhouette

May 2, 2023

Elizabeth Postol shows you how you can work directly with AI image generators when compositing in Boris FX Silhouette.

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picture-in-picture boris fx sapphire

Design a Picture-in-Picture Preset with the Sapphire

April 28, 2023

Harry Frank gives you step-by-step details on how to create a Picture-in-Picture Preset with Boris FX Sapphire Effect Builder.

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mocha pro advanced sky enhancement

Advanced Sky Replacement with Mocha Pro & After Effects

April 11, 2023

Boris FX Mocha expert Elizabeth Postol tells you everything you need to know about enhancing the night sky using Mocha Pro in After Effects.

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mograph with sapphire

Mastering Mograph with Sapphire: Tips and Tricks from a Pro

March 30, 2023

Artist C.M. De La Vega discusses his experience creating mograph with Sapphire in AE & Premiere Pro to create next-level sports promos.

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Boris FX Live Avatar

How to Edit an Avatar Film [Boris FX Live #52]

March 14, 2023

On Boris FX Live, Ben Brownlee and guest host Steve Hullfish from Art of the Cut talk to the editing team from Avatar: The Way of Water.

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Advanced Paint Clean-Up masterclass

Master Class: Advanced Paint Clean-Up

February 28, 2023

Watch Ben Brownlee’s masterclass on how to take advantage of the capabilities of Silhouette to conquer tough paint clean-ups.

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Compositing secrets. Comp behind Weather!

Compositing Secrets – Comp Behind Weather!

February 21, 2023

On Boris FX Live Office Hours 47, Elizabeth Postol shares some compositing secrets. She uses Boris FX tools like Mocha Pro and Sapphire.

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The Art of Rotoscoping with Carlos Conceição

The Art of Rotoscoping with Carlos Conceição

February 14, 2023

Carlos Conceição gives you basic and advanced techniques and tips to take your rotoscoping skills to the next level.

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Modifying Particle Illusion Presets

Modifying Particle Illusion Presets

February 7, 2023

Boris FX Design Director John Dickinson dives into how to enhance existing Particle Illusion presets during Office Hours from Boris FX.

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Mocha Tracking [Boris FX Live #49]

Ask Us Anything: Mocha Tracking [Boris FX Live #49]

February 2, 2023

If you missed the February 1 episode of Ask Us Anything about Mocha Tracking [Boris FX Live #49], catch the archive now!

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In Depth Davinci Resolve Free vs. Studio

In Depth: DaVinci Resolve Studio vs the Free Version (Updated)

January 18, 2023

Is Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio version worth the investment over the free version? Yes, it is! Read DaVinci Resolve Studio vs Free to learn more.

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In depth upscaling or upsizing video

In Depth: Upscaling Video (Updated 15 Dec 2022)

December 15, 2022

If you work with old video footage in standard format or can’t shoot 4K, learn how to make the job smoother and get better results.

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indie filmmaking with resolve and sapphire

Indie Filmmaking in Resolve: Filmmaker Damien LeVeck

December 12, 2022

Watch Boris FX Live on Wednesday, December 14 where the team interviews award-winning indie filmmaker and Sapphire power user Damien LeVeck.

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