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endless fractals tutorial

Endless Fractals in After Effects Tutorial

May 30, 2023

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create customized endless fractal animations in After Effects utilizing Creation Trippy Effects.

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maxon universe getting started tutorials

Getting Started with Universe: 9-Part Tutorial Series

May 23, 2023

Get to know the utilities and effects like transitions, glows, text, blurs, and more that are available in Universe with this 9-part tutorial series. 

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creation effects schools tutorial

Creation Effects: Schools Tutorial

April 27, 2023

Get schooled in how to animate realistic schools of fish in Adobe After Effects using the Creation Effects: Schools template, with this tutorial.

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Flamethrower fumefx

Create a Flamethrower with FumeFX for 3ds Max

March 7, 2023

Create a realistic flamethrower simulation with FumeFX in 3ds Maxm complete with a realistic blast with rolling fireballs and billowing smoke.

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creation trippy effects tutorial

Creation Trippy Effects Tutorial #gettingstarted

February 28, 2023

Learn how to create trippy, psychedelic effects in Adobe After Effects, using the “Creation Trippy Effects” template.

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creation effects infinite horizon tutorial

Creation Effects Infinite Horizon #gettingstarted

January 11, 2023

Learn how to use Creation Effects Infinite Horizon to create mind-blowing, 3d perspective-bending scenes in Adobe After Effects.

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vfx & chill

VFX & Chill with Seth & Hashi, Live December 16, 2022

December 14, 2022

It’s the last VFX & Chill show of 2022 on December 16. Learn helpful Visual Effects tips and tricks with Seth, Hashi, and Michael.

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sapphire continuum 2023

Continuum and Sapphire 2023 New Features

December 1, 2022

Boris FX Live: Ben Brownlee and Nick Harauz talk about all the cool new shiny toys included in Continuum and Sapphire 2023.

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vfx & chill

VFX & Chill with Hashi & Seth: VFX Royale, Live Nov 18, 2022

November 17, 2022

Join VFX & Chill with Hashi & Seth for the VFX Royale on Friday, November 18 for a 2-hour extravaganza of Thanksgiving fun!

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vfx & chill

VFX & Chill with Seth & Hashi, November 4, 2022

November 4, 2022

On the November 4 episode of VFX & Chill, Hashi, Michael, and Seth bake homemade VFX inspired by their favorite movies and TV shows.

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Top 10 Crazy After Effects Techniques

Top 10 Crazy After Effects Techniques #14

October 4, 2022

Nate from Black Mixture continues with his inspiring series titled Top 10 Crazy After Effects Techniques. He features some really cool pieces!

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century creatives globe trotter tutorial

Century Creatives Globe Trotter Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 4, 2022

Learn how to “travel by map”, add callouts, make animated 3D globes and more for your travel videos with this tutorial for Century Creatives Globe Trotter.

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premiumvfx editor advanced editor kit tutorial

PremiumVFX Editor Advanced Kit Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 4, 2022

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the effects, text tools, tools, and viewfinder utility effects in PremiumVFX Editor Advanced Kit.

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idustrial revolution xeffects insta splits tutorial

idustrial revolution XEffects Insta Splits Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 4, 2022

Learn how to build 9:16 vertical video split in Final Cut Pro with this XEffects Insta Splits tutorial.  Insta Splits animating grid layouts have been specifically design for vertical video…

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Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show from IBC

Maxon IBC 2022 Archives – More videos added!

September 23, 2022

Missed some of the great presentations from Maxon during IBC 2022? Well, don’t fret because the Maxon IBC 2022 Archives are now online.

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