Technical (48 Tutorials)

In Depth: Subtitles and Captions

In Depth: Create Subtitles and Captions for Your Videos

November 18, 2020

Create subtitles and closed-captioning to help your video gain reach and appeal to a wider audience on broadcast and streaming videos.

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How to Resize Waves Plugins s

How to Resize Waves Plugins | V12 New Feature

October 26, 2020

With Waves Plugins V12, users can Resize Waves Plugins on screen. This has been a top feature request. Learn how to scale the user interface.

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Immersive Audio

In Depth: Immersive Audio

October 5, 2020

Immersive audio experiences are found in movies, computer games, VR/360° video, YouTube, Facebook 360, and more. Find out what it’s all about!

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FxFactory Plug-ins

Installing FxFactory Plug-ins

August 14, 2020

Have you just purchased a license for a plug-in that uses the FxFactory engine? Here’s how to download, install and register the plug-in.

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In Depth: why Should I use V-Ray?

In Depth: Why Should I Use V-Ray?

August 7, 2020

V-Ray is a powerful 3D rendering system that was built for designers, architects, and jack-of-all-trades. Learn about how artists use V-Ray.

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GVSU Alumni Live Video Game Industry

The Video Game Industry With Kirie Quackenbush & Karl Koehle

July 30, 2020

Today GVSU Film/Video Alum is talking with Kirie Quackenbush and Karl Koehle, Alums that both work in the video game industry. Watch live. Ask questions!

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Alumni Live making a film on a micro budget

Making a Film on a Micro Budget – Alumni Live from GVSU Film/Video

July 22, 2020

GVSU Film/Video has a new series, Alumni Live. Filmmaker Joel Potrykus interviews Charles Beale & Jake Bowen about making micro budget films.

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Andy Needham - Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind

Andy Needham – Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind

April 30, 2020

Andy Needham talks about Embracing Code in Maxon Cinema 4D S22 in his Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind. Learn all about Python programming in Cinema 4D.

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Andy Blondin | Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind

Andy Blondin | Maxon NAB 2020 Rewind

April 29, 2020

Andy Blondin is an award-winning artist and senior product designer for Epic Games. He talks about blurring the lines between games, television, and film.

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cinesync integration tutorial

cineSync Integration with ftrack, Shotgun, and Aspera

April 7, 2020

cineSync is integrated with ftrack, Shotgun and Aspera to help make the review process fast and easy.  These 3 tutorials show you how to use cineSync in conjunction with each.

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SketchUp Fundamentals - 12 Courses 48 Lessons

SketchUp Fundamentals – 12 Courses 48 Lessons

March 31, 2020

Sketchup Fundamentals is a guided tour of the core ideas that make SketchUp unique. These concepts are essential for every aspiring SketchUp modeler.

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presonus studio one

Presonus Studio One Tutorial #gettingstarted

March 30, 2020

These PreSonus Studio One Tutorials starring Gregor Beyerle will help you learn how to make beats on Studio One—and more! Chapter 1 is an overview of Studio One set-up and layout to get you recording right away!

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mt. mograph motion shortcuts tutorial

Mt. Mograph Motion Shortcuts Overview #gettingstarted

March 30, 2020

Learn how to set up and re-arrange your most used shortcuts in Motion to make your workflow more efficient with this short tutorial.

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keyboard tutorial

Olaola Yuan KEYboard for After Effects Tutorial #gettingstarted

January 31, 2020

This tutorial shows you how to use KEYboard for After Effects to set keyframes using keyboard shortcuts such as setting keyframe Ease, cloning keys, mirroring keys, and more.

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Installation of Steven Slate Drums 5

How to Install Steven Slate Drums on macOS and Windows #gettingstarted

January 23, 2020

How to Install Steven Slate Drums on macOS This video is helpful for not only Steven Slate Drums 5 but also for the expansion packs. Find more instructions here How to Install Steven Slate Drums on Windows This video is helpful for not only Steven Slate Drums 5 but also for the expansion packs. More instructions are located here

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