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Use DragonFly & Unreal Engine with Antilatency Tracking

How to add the tracking system into Unreal Engine via Glassbox Tech’s DragonFly plugin

Get Antilatency tracking working with your Unreal Engine virtual camera using the Glassbox Tech’s DragonFly. Here’s a guide to connecting and configuring the tracking system. Current versions allow tracking one camera at a time with DragonFly.

The guide covers

  1. Preparing
  2. Installing plugins
  3. Broadcasting tracking using VRPN
  4. Adding Antilatency tracking to DragonFly
  5. Enabling DragonFly camera view
  6. Useful links

Glassbox Dragonfly

Glassbox Dragonfly

Your lens into a virtual world. Plug-in for Unreal Engine and Autodesk Maya

DragonFly is your camera into a virtual world.

DragonFly is a professional cross-platform virtual camera for Unreal Engine and Maya, that gives you the power to view your computer-generated environments, character performances and scenes, just as if you were doing a live-action shoot, but virtually. Rendering shots in real-time through the camera’s viewfinder, your LCD monitor or iPad, DragonFly lets you visualize your virtual world, record, bookmark, create snapshots, and even replicate real camera moves.

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