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Let's Talk!... Lush 2 with Carlo Libertini

Let’s Talk!… Lush 2 with Carlo Libertini

August 15, 2023

Carlo Libertini of MusicMarketingTV presents “Let’s Talk… Lush 2”, featuring D16 Group’s Lush 2, a multilayer polyphonic synthesizer.

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Exploring the New Features of FabFilter TWIN 3 (and How to Create Powerful Synth Sounds with it)

Exploring the New Features of FabFilter TWIN 3

March 28, 2023

Carlo Libertini introduces the new features of FabFilter TWIN 3 analog Synth. Plus, learn how to create new synth tones and modulate them.

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The Golden Era of Hip-Hop - 10 Boom Bap Production Tricks

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop – 10 Boom Bap Production Tricks

January 24, 2023

Rebel Sun and David Ampong show you how to get that Boom Bap sound from classic hip-hop. Get this sound using a variety of Waves plugins.

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imaginando knight rider tut

Imaginando: How to make ‘The Theme from Knight Rider’ with DRC

August 30, 2022

Learn how you can put your own spin on this awesome 80’s theme, and recreate the track’s sounds, with Imaginando’s DRC Sound Design Tutorial for Stu Phillips – ‘Theme From…

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imaginando making music tutorial

Making music with FL Studio and Imaginando DRC & K7D

March 22, 2022

Lucas Palmeira shows you how to  make music using FL Studio (Fruity Edition) and Imaginando DRC & K7D.

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made with concept

Made with Concept 2 – Earth from Space Station

October 8, 2021

Krotos Audio Concept 2 was used to create an amazing piece of atmospheric music quickly.  Watch part one to hear the piece, and then in part 2 Matthew Collings, Head of Product at Krotos, demonstrates how it was done.

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Burning Question: How Do I Create Sound Design for Horror Films?

Burning Question: How Do I Create Sound Design for Horror Films?

October 13, 2020

Learn about the history of horror music scores and spooky sound design, and how to make them, whether you’re a musician or not.

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Krotos audio simple concept tutorial

Krotos Audio Simple Concept #gettingstarted

August 13, 2020

Watch this tutorial to learn how easy it is to get a great sound quickly, without a steep learning curve, using Krotos Audio Simpmle Concept.

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u-he ace tutorial series

u-he ACE 4 Part Tutorial Series #gettingstarted

April 21, 2020

Dan Worrall gives you an in-depth introduction to u-he ACE, a powerful synth with tools and features ready for beginners or seasoned users.

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u-he hive tut

Introduction to u-he Hive #gettingstarted

April 14, 2020

In this 10 part tutorial series, Ronan Macdonald introduces the basic features and functions in u-he Hive.

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u-he repro-1 tutorial series

Introduction to u-he Repro-1

April 14, 2020

In this 4 part tutorial series Dan Worrall introduces you to Repro-1 and gives you an overview of the features and functionality.

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polyverse I wish tutorial

Polyverse I Wish Tutorial #gattingstarted

March 31, 2020

Learn how to use Polyverse I Wish, a granular note freezer, to take any sound, freeze it in time, and sculpt mind bending sounds and music.

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kv331 synthmaster one tutorial

KV331 Audio Synthmaster One Tutorial #gettingstarted

March 31, 2020

Joshua Casper from Plugin Boutique takes you on a guided tour of Synthmaster One, with a focus on routing parameters, importing and using 3rd party wavetables, GUI Overview and the Preset preview.

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