Compression, Gates, De-Essers (17 Tutorials)

boz manic compressor loud relief knob tutorial

What is the Loud Relief knob in Boz Digital Labs Manic Compressor?

April 4, 2023

Ever wondered what the Loud Relief Knob in Manic Compressor does?  It lets you drive the compressor harder without destroying the original dynamics of the track and without getting super pumpy.  Say what?  Check out this quick demonstration, it makes much more sense.

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Sidechain Compression

Sidechain Compression in Studio One

February 23, 2023

Gregor from PreSonus gives you the low down on Sidechain Compression. Learn what Sidechain Compression is and how you can use it.

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The Golden Era of Hip-Hop - 10 Boom Bap Production Tricks

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop – 10 Boom Bap Production Tricks

January 24, 2023

Rebel Sun and David Ampong show you how to get that Boom Bap sound from classic hip-hop. Get this sound using a variety of Waves plugins.

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sonible smart:comp Webinar Livestream

sonible smart:comp 2 Webinar Livestream, July 28th, 12PM EST

July 26, 2022

Want to be the first to check smart:comp 2 out? Watch this exclusive livestream presentation of the latest and best in dynamics processing!

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fabfilter learning resource

New FabFilter Learning Resource

April 26, 2022

If you’re looking for one place to learn about working with audio using Fabfilter tools, the new Fabfilter Learn page is where you want to be.  It has written articles and videos to help you learn about Equalization, Compression, Reverb, Mixing and more.

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mastering the mix expose 2 walkthrough

Mastering The Mix EXPOSE 2 Walkthrough

August 18, 2021

Watch this walkthrough to learn how you can deliver the best listening experience and release your music with confidence using Expose 2.

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psp oldtimermb tutorial

PSP oldTimerMB Practical Guide by White Noise Studio!

April 5, 2021

PSP oldTimerMB (multiband) is a vintage-style multi-band compressor designed for demanding track processing, buss and mix compression, and mastering.  In this tutorial, Marlon from the White Noise Studio, shows you how the oldtimerMB plugin works and how it sounds.

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izotope are you listening series on audio mastering

Are you Listening? Season 2 with Jonathan Wyner on Audio Mastering

March 16, 2021

Are you Listening? with Jonathan Wyner and iZotope have a slickly-produced series about Mastering audio. Watch the 6 part series today.

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Jay Lippman walks you through using Accusonus ERA 5 Audio Plugins in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. Watch live!

Accusonus ERA 5 Audio Plugins for DaVinci Resolve

November 4, 2020

Jay Lippman walks you through using Accusonus ERA 5 Audio Plugins in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve. Try a free demo of ERA 5 plugins today.

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Introduction to kilohearts multipass

Introduction to Kilohearts Multipass

October 6, 2020

Follow Anders in a short introduction to Multipass, the modular multiband effects processor from Kilohearts. Multipass is on sale, too!

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u-he presswerk

u-he Presswerk Introduction #gettingstarted

May 6, 2020

This 20-minute introductory video by Ronan Macdonald explains the six special ‘views’ in u-he Presswerk, and how to use them in practice. It also mentions the new unified configuration page.

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sonible smart:comp tutorial

Sonible smart:comp Tutorial #gettingstarted

January 28, 2020

This tutorial will show you what Sonible smart:comp’s main features can do and how you can use them, using a female singing voice as an example.

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FG-116 BLUE Series Compressors

Slate Digital FG-116 BLUE Series Compressors #gettingstarted

January 23, 2020

Steven Slate takes you through the FG-116 BLUE Series Compressors, including multiple audio tutorials that show how the pros use them for the best results! 

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Adobe essential sound panel

Essential Sound Panel in Adobe Audition and Premiere for Video Editors

August 20, 2018

The Essential Sound Panel divides audio into 4 common types which make workflow faster and easier for non-sound engineers.

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Punchier Drums with Waves SSL

Punchier Drums with Waves SSL

May 8, 2018

Tony Maserati, producer and mixing engineer for Beyoncé, Selena Gomez, and Jay Z, has a great new tip for getting your drums punchier with the SSL G-Master Buss Compressor.

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