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Head on Fire finalfluid

Head on Fire: finalFluid Advanced

November 29, 2022

Learn how to create a Head on Fire with cebas finalFluid, an amazing Fluid Simulation tool for 3ds Max, released this month.

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Modeling a Parametric Coffered Ceiling: 3ds Max + RailClone

Modeling a Parametric Coffered Ceiling: 3ds Max + RailClone

November 22, 2022

In this tutorial, learn how to make a parametric coffered ceiling that allows you to define the size and position using a rectangular spline.

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UV Mapping

UV Mapping: Everything You NEED to know

March 22, 2022

UV Mapping is used in 3D modeling and allows users to use two-dimensional texture coordinates that correspond with the surface on a 3D model.

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In Depth Render Farms Network Rendering

In Depth: Render Farms / Network Rendering / Distributed Rendering

March 4, 2022

The idea of network rendering is to distribute your render over a network, or farm, of computers, to speed up your render times.

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realistic kitchen v-ray tutorial

Create a Realistic Kitchen Interior – Pt. 1 & 2

February 22, 2022

Check out this 2 part tutorial series from Chaos on creating a realistic kitchen interior using V-Ray for 3ds Max. 

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Learn Software Faster

How to Smash the Learning Curve to Learn Software Faster

January 31, 2022

Have you been wanting to learn new software but don’t know where to start? Don’t have the time? Well, I’m here to help you make it happen.

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Creating a Procedural Coffered Ceiling with 3ds Max and RailClone

Creating a Procedural Coffered Ceiling with 3ds Max and RailClone

July 21, 2021

In RailClone & 3ds Max, learn how to create a parametric coffered ceiling, a 3D classic architectural detail made of squares or rectangles.

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What is a greeble?

Burning Question: Greeble… What is it and how to make your own.

May 25, 2021

A greeble is really all about faking out your audience! It’s the small details that make something appear to be more complex than it actually is.

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How to use iToo Forest Pack's Custom Edit Mode (Beginner)

How to use iToo Forest Pack Custom Edit Mode (Beginner)

April 6, 2021

A few days late for Easter but this is a useful tutorial that explains the Custom Edit mode in iToo Forest Pack. Try a free demo today.

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Raining Vehicles thinkingParticles 5

Animate Raining Vehicles with Cebas thinkingParticles 5

March 8, 2021

Learn how to let vehicles rain down with the powerful new thinkingParticles 5 and the new vehicle simulator, with dust when the wheels hit!

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Create a Realistic Water Fountain Simulation with thinkingParticles

Create a Realistic Water Fountain Simulation with thinkingParticles

February 25, 2021

Create a realistic multi-level water flow simulation of a Water Fountain with 3ds Max and thinkingParticles Subscription Drop 9 and newer.

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Joe Gunn: ThinkingParticles Wall Destruction

cebas thinkingParticles Wall Destruction with Joe Gunn

February 25, 2021

Learn how to destroy a wall with a 3ds Max and cebas thinkingParticles Rigid Body simulation tutorial by Joe Gunn.

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basefount animcraft tutorials getting started

Basefount Animcraft Tutorials #gettingstarted

September 15, 2020

Basefount Animcraft is a new animation sharing and editing 3d software.  These 3 tutorials will help you get started using Animcraft in either 3ds Max or Maya.

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chaos group v-ray logo

Introduction to V-Ray Next Compilation

April 16, 2020

This is a compilation of the Introductory tutorials for V-Ray Next including 3ds Max, Revit, Sketchup, Rhino, Unreal, Modo and Houdini.  Most of these tutorials also have downloadable assets.

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v-ray next for 3ds Max intro tutorial

Introduction to V-Ray Next for 3ds Max #gettingstarted

April 9, 2020

This V-Ray Next for 3ds Max tutorial covers how to set up, light, and render an interior day scene, plus info on V-Ray Denoiser, and more!

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