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Hot Tip: Don’t let our newsletter get lost in Spam!

You can pre-emptively add sales@toolfarm.com to your contacts or address book to keep our newsletter from getting picked up by your spam filter.

If our newsletter ends up in spam anyway, it’s an easy fix.

  1. Go into your email’s spam folder
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Gmail Users:

How to add the Toolfarm newsletter to your main inbox.

  • On a desktop computer: Click to your main inbox. Then click and drag the Toolfarm newsletter email to the Primary tab.
  • On a mobile device: Click thosee three dots in the upper right corner of our email. Then, click “Move To,” > “Primary.”

Apple Mail Users:

At the top of our newsletter, click on our email message, next to the “From” field. Then, choose “Add to Contacts” or “Add to VIPs.”.

Here are more tips on keeping your wanted email out of spam from How to Geek.

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