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after effects camera handycam

Easily Control After Effects Cameras with HandyCam

November 29, 2022

Boone Loves Video walks you through using HandyCam, a plugin from PluginEverything that helps users control the camera in After Effects.

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vfx & chill

VFX & Chill with Seth & Hashi, November 4, 2022

November 4, 2022

On the November 4 episode of VFX & Chill, Hashi, Michael, and Seth bake homemade VFX inspired by their favorite movies and TV shows.

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realitycapture scanning for metahuman tutorial

Scan Yourself for Mesh to MetaHuman | RealityCapture

November 1, 2022

This tutorial explains scanning best practices (without expensive equipment) and how to use the Mesh to MetaHuman plug-in in RealityCapture.

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Claymation Tactile

Create Stop-Motion Claymation Effects in Cinema 4D

October 12, 2022

E.J. Hassenfratz explains how he created this cute stop-motion-style claymation animation of a fishing frog in Cinema 4D.

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RubberRig Workflow with BattleAxe RubberHose 2

RubberRig Workflow with Battle Axe RubberHose 2

October 6, 2022

Jake in Motion shows you a rigging technique for Character Animation in After Effects. He uses Battle Axe RubberHose 2. Super easy!

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premiumvfx editor advanced editor kit tutorial

PremiumVFX Editor Advanced Kit Tutorial #gettingstarted

October 4, 2022

Watch this tutorial to learn how to use the effects, text tools, tools, and viewfinder utility effects in PremiumVFX Editor Advanced Kit.

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Burning Question USD

What is Universal Scene Description (USD)? #burningquestion

September 27, 2022

Universal Scene Description, or USD, is a scene encoding format for content creation that enables 3D applications to exchange assets.

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Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show from IBC

Maxon IBC 2022 Archives – More videos added!

September 23, 2022

Missed some of the great presentations from Maxon during IBC 2022? Well, don’t fret because the Maxon IBC 2022 Archives are now online.

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pomfort silverstack basics tutorial

Pomfort: Silverstack Basics Tutorial #gettingstarted

August 30, 2022

Are you (or someone on your team) new to Silverstack? This video tutorial walks you through all the essentials you need to know when working with Silverstack for the first time: Learn how to execute camera offloads, work with the clip library, and create reports!

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Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show Sigraph 2022

New Features in C4D S26 and Tips for Accelerating Your Workflow with Mahnoor Barry

August 23, 2022

Mahnoor Barry presented New Features in C4D S26 and Tips for Accelerating Your Workflow at the Maxon booth at Siggraph 2022.

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Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show Sigraph 2022

Creating Environments with Style with Jonathan Winbush

August 23, 2022

Jonathan Winbush presented Creating Environments with Style at the Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show at Siggraph 2022.

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Maxon 3D & Motion Design Show Sigraph 2022

The Bridge Between Cinema 4D and After Effects with Eric Say

August 23, 2022

Eric Say presented “The Bridge Between Cinema 4D and After Effects” during The Maxon 3D and Motion Design Show Siggraph 2022, Day 1.

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How Do I Quickly Give My Video a Letterbox Look?Letterbox

Burning Question: How Do I Quickly Give My Project a Letterbox Look?

August 18, 2022

Add the look of letterboxing and give your video a film look. Learn about the tools, techniques, and terminology of letterboxing. New Freebies!

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premiere pro best practices and workflow guide

Premiere Pro: Best Practices and Workflow Guide

August 2, 2022

Jarle Leirpoll from PremierePro.net worked with experts from Adobe to create this in-depth Premiere Pro Best Practices and Workflow Guide for Long Form and Episodic Post Production.

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maxon 3d & motion design show

Maxon’s 3D Motion Show June 2022

June 22, 2022

Streaming right now, catch the June edition of the Maxon 3D Motion Show. Below the video, read the schedule for today’s presentations.

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