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How to Transfer your Enscape scenes to V-Ray for 3ds Max

How to Transfer your Enscape scenes to V-Ray for 3ds Max

February 15, 2024

Watch this Chaos Encape to 3ds Max workflow tutorial to effortlessly transfer your footage. Plus, refine materials and cameras in V-Ray.

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newblue captivate in-depth overview

NewBlue Captivate: Comprehensive Overview

January 23, 2024

This in-depth video guide to NewBlue Captivate shows you how to leverage Captivate’s powerful features for your broadcast. It gives a detailed overview,  a step-by-step guide to key features, some tips and tricks, and a few real-time demonstrations and examples.

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newblue weathercast tutorial

WeatherCast Tutorial: Master Weather Graphics within Captivate

January 17, 2024

This tutorial guides you through the powerful features of WeatherCast, a new add-on for NewBlue Captivate, showing you how to integrate real-time weather data into your projects. Learn to customize forecasts with ease, manage multiple city data, and create visually stunning weather presentations.

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arnold 2D paint stroke effect tutorial

How to create a paint stroke effect in Arnold for Maya (GPU)

January 11, 2024

Learn how to create a 2D style paint stroke effect using Bifrost and shaders in Autodesk Arnold for Maya. 

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d16 group drumazon 2 tutorial

D16 Group Drumazon 2: How to Set Up & Routing

January 10, 2024

This walkthrough of D16 Group Drumazon 2 explores the presets, pattern creation, and routing options so you can experiment with confidence.

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krotos studio and davinci resolve tutorial

Horror SFX DaVinci Resolve 18 with Krotos Studio

December 26, 2023

Learn how to use Krotos Studio with DaVinci Resolve to easily add tension to your horror scenes, with this quick tutorial.

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beatedit resolve saves hours

How BeatEdit Saves You Hours of Editing in Resolve

December 3, 2023

George Kamenov explains how BeatEdit for Resolve saves him enormous numbers of hours when cutting video to music.

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beatedit resolve edit beat

Unbelievably Easy Edit to the Beat with this Amazing Plugin!

November 21, 2023

God_Send MixedMedia walks you through using Mamoworld BeatEdit for DaVinci Resolve to easily edit to the beat!

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Take a Tour of Extensis Connect!

Take a Tour of Extensis Connect!

November 15, 2023

Experience the power of Extensis Connect – take a guided tour and see the most popular features in action. Get all your burning answered.

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motion design hotline

Motion Design Hotline: Sneak Picante

November 13, 2023

On the Motion Design Hotline with Evan Abrams and Kyle Hamrick, Evan and Kyle show you what’s coming up in the After Effects beta and more.

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sini and chaos vantage tutorial

Interactive real-time rendering using SiNi and Chaos Vantage

October 24, 2023

Learn how to use SiNi object plugins, SiClone, Disperse, and Scatter with Chaos Vantage and take advantage of real-time rendering power when painting, scattering modeling and more. 

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animate faster greyscalegorilla plus

Animate Faster with Signal in Greyscale­gorilla Plus

August 22, 2023

Dive into the captivating world of 3D animation with the dynamic duo of Greyscalegorilla Plus and Cinema 4D.

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Learn Adobe Premiere Pro 2023, 2-Hour Workshop

Learn Adobe Premiere Pro 2023, 2-Hour Workshop

August 22, 2023

Valentina Vee, Adobe Master Trainer, helps you to learn Adobe Premiere Pro from start to finish in this free 2-hour workshop.

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Burning Question USD

What is Universal Scene Description (USD)? #burningquestion

August 14, 2023

Universal Scene Description, or USD, is a scene encoding format for content creation that enables 3D applications to exchange assets.

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text force and layer force tutorial

Create Automated Animated Captions in Premiere Pro and After Effects

July 18, 2023

Learn how to use Marco Sanasi Text Force and Layer Force to quickly and easily create automated animated captions in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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